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Love holds no grievances

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Brought you flowers –
Smelling sweetly
They encourage
To forgive.

Will you bother?
It’s not easy –
I have not much
Left to give.

I am asking
For your guidance –
How can I get
Through to you?

Realize that
What we’re having
Others had – yes,
But a few.

Skepticism that
You have nurtured
Does not help to
See the truth.

All mistakes are
Nonexistent –
I am hoping
For a truce.

Maybe given
Little time to
See all things in
Proper light,

We will manage
To restore us –
Gently loving
Is our right.

Flowers dying –
Is all hopeless?
Do we fade just
As they do?

What a nonsense!
We’re not bodies –
Love makes one of
What was two.

Love Making

Love making
In darkness
The flesh.

Flesh shaking
We harness
Our senses

A body
Assumes role
Of junction –
How odd!

Love in soul
Is function
Of God.


Old I am not – ancient I am.
The struggle of my endless search
Had never ceased – still bleeds the lamb
That I have slaughtered to exist.

“Existence” – dying, born anew,
Growing to die another day,
Stretching the time, as if I knew
Why I still act the same old play.

One day I’ll take you by the hand,
Touch gently, lovingly – just so,
Look in your eyes, cease to pretend,
That what you are I do not know.

And you will smile, in ancient eyes
Reflecting traces of the road
Which comes to end as we arise
Joined in our oneness unto God.


The Trees

A beauty, peace, such strong resolve –
I walk between the trees of life,
Fruits shine with light and I dissolve
Into same light where there’s no strife.

Awakened mind knows but pure love:
All-encompassing, holy, strong.
Describing it – no words enough,
It is a gentle, wordless song.

Before I wakened, used to walk
Between the trees of false desires
With fruits not unlike shameless liars,
There was no peace, but endless talk:

Confused in mind so deep asleep
The words formed into guilt and shame,
Seducing me to sell so cheap
My soul for shining gilt and fame.

Those trees bore fruit rotten to core,
Hopelessness was their only stench;
So many fooled to come for more!
Stretching their arms for lowest branch.

And when the fingers touch the rot
In but a moment – petrify…
The stench makes mind in deep sleep caught,
With dreams of sin that terrify.

But deep – a memory remains
Of what it’s like beyond the dream,
When one used seeing peaceful planes,
And washed tired bones in holy stream

Of love, unknown in world of pain
Where trees of hopelessness prevail.
Who would prefer there to remain? –
Self-tortured in self-chosen jail.

Our Love Expands

A lifetime of pure love. We live
As one, unseparated still,
In pleasure and in pain we give
Support and comfort, love until
Time ends. But even then remains
Our love forever pure – when time
Comes to an end, the bloody stains
And shadows of imagined crime
Are finally cleansed and we return
To what we were before we fell
So deep asleep. Were we concerned
That Heaven’s not for us to dwell?
It hardly matters – Not when we
Are holding hands. There’re no demands,
And no concerns – for now we see
The holy light – Our Love expands.

God Is

No judgement passes in my mind but only love –
You, my dear friend, look into my mind’s eye!
Embraced by holiness I stay, no words enough
To show you what it means to live without a lie.

You seem to be apart, alone and fearful still,
And I’m perceived in your eye as a stranger too
But there is one note in our heart we feel
Which sings and joins our souls forever through.

Attentively in quiet moment stay with me
And let us hear that note which sings in us:
The freedom from the world is ours, we let it be –
In such a holy moment there’s no loss.

What you perceive is not what you will truly see
When you receive the feeling of forgotten peace
In which no eyes of flesh needed for you and me
To see the holy light that shines: “God is”.

My Path

I have been travelling alone:
So many times I fell and cried,
So often I have prayed to stone,
So often found myself in fight.

Yet to my path I have been true –
It is impossible to turn!
I know I have to see it through
Before to peace I can return.

And every time I cried in vain –
It only seemed, for every step
Had taken me away from pain,
Each day I drew a sacred map –

A plan on how to walk this path,
Which leads us through journey of life
Where bridge ‘tween death and life I cross
Through overcoming pointless strife.

Along this path I met with you:
Taking your hand, as one embraced
Together we will follow through
To holy love with which we’re graced.

Along the holy path we walk
And all we feel is sacred peace
We’ve ceased to doubt, and even talk –
But simply walk to where God is.

And all we see is holy light
Which lights the road and guides our way,
For even in the darkest night
You, me and God  – as one we stay.


How long will you in your despair
Pretend that Voice you cannot hear
Even when you are lost in prayer
Insisting answers are not clear?

How long will Love remain unanswered,
In your own ignorance obscured? –
While you pretend that you have answered
The call for Love which still endured

Even behind the veil of darkness
With which you’d cover all the Truth –
The Love’s not lost, you still can harness
Forgotten innocence of youth.

When seeing image in the mirror
Of wrinkled face, succumbed to time
The Truth is not becoming nearer –
Your body hides a Child sublime.

Never Alone

I walked alone
So aimlessly
Being lost at times
When carelessly
I wandered off
Into the dark
From clear path –
I did embark.

Such wandering
Away from light
What does it bring?
Why do I fight
To be alone?
To blind my eyes? –
Praying to stone
I’ve made such lies.

“God is but Love
And so am I” –
Words ringing true
Got lost in lie
When unlike Him
I wandered far
Into the dim
Of dreams bizarre.

But I met you
And grasped your hand –
In love embraced
As one we stand.
Never alone,
Never in pain –
Together we
In light remain.

You are like Him
Savior of mine
Bathing in stream
Of Love divine.

I Wonder

I wonder – do we understand
Each other, hear the heart
Which beats with rhythm – pure art,
Or do we just pretend:
That we are hearing truly,
Compassionately, fully,
Each other, words we speak,
The understanding that we seek.

I wonder still – the Love I feel –
Do you hear beating in your chest
Defenseless, being so possessed
That every moment does reveal
The peace of quiet feeling –
Such quietness appealing –
Which makes you stop and heed
And to the love concede.

I wonder – words I speak,
The words of love I share –
Are we as one aware
Of meaning, of mystique,
That love so pure proposes,
The secrets it discloses –
Do we see both as one
How our love begun?

I wonder not – I feel,
The love in you is known,
And mine is but your own,
Our love is one – so real!
The beauty of composure
Under pure love’s exposure,
Is what we have achieved –
Love can’t be misperceived!


You’re blind, your body cannot see,
Each thought you think does not allow your Self to be,
Each moment of this “life” you look right through the Truth,
It is in you, but seeing not, this life you but misuse.

And yet I do not damn yourself to hate,
I see beyond this dying shell your holy fate,
I recognize, that just as me you want pure Love –
But all this world is offering – is not enough.

All dies, all perishes in time to which you pray,
You go through life, through suffering, having no say
In what will happen just one second after now,
Your chosen master wants your death, to him you bow.

The lessons you will learn, you choose yourself,
Will it be pain and death, damnation, sin and hell?
Or will you choose to love, forgiving nonexistent sins?
Your choice – to die, or to forgive. Right now your life anew begins.

Feather of Love

What needs be said but Love?
What do you need to know of me?
Time will be saved, if I say but enough:
I Love you as myself, I truly see,

A perfect spirit, united with our Self,
I see your Love shining so pure,
In you I see our God Himself,
In presence His we stand secure.

Our Love cannot be kept apart,
I’m you, we’ve always been together
We’re truly one, oneness is our true part,
Our existence – eternal, gentle feather.

Feather of Love suspended in the Now,
We are together, live as One,
And yet, something’s not right – or how
Would you seem from our oneness gone?

We have forgotten, don’t remember peace,
Our unison of Heaven’s Song is lost,
Remembering not what truly is,
Today we have to pay the cost.

 My Brother, could you believe it’s true?
A joke so meaningless and void,
Our laughter – all we have to do,
The pain, the anger, hate – we can avoid.

Laughing at nothingness – our only purpose here
Our gentle smile reflects the Truth,
Sin’s nonexistent, it’s not worth your tear,
When you but smile, you nothing have to lose.

 So let’s join hands and walk this path as One,
Gently forgiving conflict, which’s not there,
When we have managed that, our mission’s done,
We’re one, at peace, our Love is everywhere.

Sonnets of Love: Forgiveness

No matter what you do or what you think,
No matter what life seems to put you through
Don’t ever let the guilt emerge – forgive.
Forgiveness is your savior on the brink
Of hate, your only hope on path so true,
Which brings you home where peacefully you live.

Sonnets of Love: The Love in Me

I know it well, it is the first time not
When I’ve been tempted, made mistakes and so
I just go on, knowing  my path is true,
And don’t look back, on my path towards God,
And just enjoy the ever growing glow
Of love in me, which always includes you.

Sonnets of Love: Born Anew

From all the things you did or thoughts you thought,
I heard pure love, no errors and no hate,
And hearing that, the Love returned to you.
And all the things you seemingly have wrought,
Could never change what is your holy fate –
Returning home, as if being born anew.

I will not let my Self be bothered

I will be what I Am –
I will not let my Self be bothered.
Will I be then condemned?
I will not let my Self be bothered.

Will someone hear my words?
I will not let my Self be bothered.
Will someone come with swords?
I will not let my Self be bothered.

What comes for me today?
I will not let my Self be bothered.
Can I be lead astray?
I will not let my Self be bothered.

Will I reach pure love?
I will not let my Self be bothered.
How much love is enough?
I will not let my Self be bothered.

Through being what I Am
Each day I’m bothered not
Through being simply Am
I am remembering one God.

Sonnets of Love: The Choice

My Brother, do not choose against your Self
The choice of body does condemn you.
You cannot have both flesh and spirit.
The time has come, the choice you’ll make yourself,
And only then can heaven start anew,
And life of love will now resume in it.

Sonnets of Love: The Road of Love

And still I walk this road of pure Love –
Sometimes I’m tempted, but it stops me not,
Thus I return where I belong.
Maybe as yet I haven’t done enough,
But when one truly walks towards one God,
The road to Love will not take long.

Sonnets of Love – 22 (The Problem)

The problem, you’ve created in your mind,
Is there still, waiting to be forgiven –
Don’t try to solve it in this world.
Where problem is, solution you will find,
The peace you seek, you have been given,
Solution is your Love, allow it to unfold.

Sonnets of Love – 21 (A Gift)

I have a gift I want to share with you,
It’s not something you pride upon –
It’s not a thing at all.
I cannot gift it, saying what’s true,
You have this gift, when ego’s gone –
The gift is Love, which makes you whole.

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