You’re blind, your body cannot see,
Each thought you think does not allow your Self to be,
Each moment of this “life” you look right through the Truth,
It is in you, but seeing not, this life you but misuse.

And yet I do not damn yourself to hate,
I see beyond this dying shell your holy fate,
I recognize, that just as me you want pure Love –
But all this world is offering – is not enough.

All dies, all perishes in time to which you pray,
You go through life, through suffering, having no say
In what will happen just one second after now,
Your chosen master wants your death, to him you bow.

The lessons you will learn, you choose yourself,
Will it be pain and death, damnation, sin and hell?
Or will you choose to love, forgiving nonexistent sins?
Your choice – to die, or to forgive. Right now your life anew begins.