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Love holds no grievances

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Primordial Mistake

Sharp pain no longer cuts my heart –
Time patched the wounds and left
But deep, dull ache that’s tearing me apart
At times when life seems so bereft.

Yet Light shines on, becoming me.
The painful memories unreal
Fade fast – forlorn and gone;
And love becomes all that I feel.

I’d bless the past, if it were real,
I’d shed the tears if I believed
The dreams of sin, stark and surreal,
Enforcing notions preconceived.

But what is past? It never was.
The time can’t flow when I’m awake.
It disappears – long gone the cause
Of the primordial mistake.

Your Love

The Love that You have shared
Through Voice of Holy Light
Makes me no longer scared,
Roaming the night.

Your presence lingers here –
I’m bathed in gratitude
Your Voice is heard so near
Even in solitude.

The loneliness forgotten –
I hold the hand of Yours,
The Savior of downtrodden;
Love silently endures.

Such Love is all that matters
In dreams strangely obscure.
Your Holy Spirit shatters
The sin’s allure.

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