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Sonnets of Love: Forgiveness

No matter what you do or what you think,
No matter what life seems to put you through
Don’t ever let the guilt emerge – forgive.
Forgiveness is your savior on the brink
Of hate, your only hope on path so true,
Which brings you home where peacefully you live.

Sonnets of Love: Bourne

It is a special day for you:
The fears you’ve had will disappear
And you will shine anew, reborn.
Today the light will cover up your view,
The problems of your dream no longer will appear:
It is a happy dream when you have reached your bourne.

Sonnets of Love: The Love in Me

I know it well, it is the first time not
When I’ve been tempted, made mistakes and so
I just go on, knowing  my path is true,
And don’t look back, on my path towards God,
And just enjoy the ever growing glow
Of love in me, which always includes you.

Sonnets of Love: Work

If ever I am asked, “Why do you work?
Why do you work so hard and still,
It seems you life’s not changed at all?”
“Why,” – I would answer, “you think, I should shirk,
When I have purpose to fulfill?
And yet, this “life” as such I wouldn’t call”.

Sonnets of Love: Born Anew

From all the things you did or thoughts you thought,
I heard pure love, no errors and no hate,
And hearing that, the Love returned to you.
And all the things you seemingly have wrought,
Could never change what is your holy fate –
Returning home, as if being born anew.

Sonnets of Love: The Question

You bring your question everywhere:
“Tell me, where I can find the peace?”
And yet, the silence’s all you ever get,
For answer that you seek, indeed is rare –
And it cannot be found, unless you cease
The search where answer can’t be met.

Sonnets of Love: The Choice

My Brother, do not choose against your Self
The choice of body does condemn you.
You cannot have both flesh and spirit.
The time has come, the choice you’ll make yourself,
And only then can heaven start anew,
And life of love will now resume in it.

Sonnets of Love: The Road of Love

And still I walk this road of pure Love –
Sometimes I’m tempted, but it stops me not,
Thus I return where I belong.
Maybe as yet I haven’t done enough,
But when one truly walks towards one God,
The road to Love will not take long.

Sonnets of Love – 23 (Uneasiness)

Uneasiness that follows you through life
And never leaves, but for a second,
Is just reminding you of Truth,
That all this world, in which you strive
Will torment you until you’ve reckoned –
Uneasiness cannot exist in Truth.

Sonnets of Love – 21 (A Gift)

I have a gift I want to share with you,
It’s not something you pride upon –
It’s not a thing at all.
I cannot gift it, saying what’s true,
You have this gift, when ego’s gone –
The gift is Love, which makes you whole.

Sonnets of Love – 15

You think of all the things you call your life,
You have suspicion, I am sure,
For there is conflict deep inside.
Right now you’re simply trying to survive –
Survival’s what makes life obscure,
For where it is, death will abide.

Sonnets of Love – 8

I listen and, what do I hear?
Is it the words of insult here,
That you have never meant to use?
What could I hear from you my dear –
But call for Love, protecting you from fear
Your words with Love I won’t confuse.

Sonnets of Love – 7

Whatever have I learned of you?
At least, what is it that I know is true?
Can I see what you are inside?
Well, there’s not much, a thing, a two,
I see your peace, your love is in my view,
But not your form, denying me true sight.

Sonnets of Love – 6

Hello, I say to you, as if we’ve never met,
You ask me what I want,
But words cannot reflect it fully.
My friend, you seemingly forget
Of what I am and what I’m not
Just look inside, the Truth lies there truly.

Sonnets of Love – 5

My friend – come, join me for a while
And share what it is
That seems to bother you today.
What could it be, preventing you to smile?
What could have happened to your peace?
For what did you your Self betray?

Sonnets of Love – 4

We’re always free, we’re both as one
United always in our Love,
We’re standing still, we are in peace.
I see in you God’s only Son,
Light on you shining from above,
You’re not apart, you’re me, just is.

Sonnets of Love – 1

Alas, you’re not believing me,
No matter what I say, you still insist
That all your problems here are real.
Alas, you’re still refusing to see
And you would rather stay in mist
And there – peace is the last thing you will feel.

Sonnets of Love – 0

How did you come upon this book?
What is it, that have brought you here?
Is it the Truth you’re looking for?
To see – you only have but look
And realize – it’s always near,
Right now, not after, nor before.

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