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Sonnets of Love – 20 (Stupidity)

Enormous, isn’t it – our stupidity –
To push away our life, the peace,
Accepting terror, saying no to Love.
And we submit to our timidity,
Afraid of looking where Truth is…
And we will suffer, ’till we say “enough”!

Sonnets of Love – 13

The perfect love in which we are
Seems far away, impossible to reach
Do you remember why?
I know for one, the Love cannot be far
This world is simply made to teach,
And what we see is nothing but a lie.

Sonnets of Love – 11

Will you agree on one and only thing?
That we should never judge the form,
But see inside, where content’s hidden.
If we’d agree on this now, don’t you think? –
We would have never been so torn,
Neither would Love still be forbidden.

Sonnets of Love – 4

We’re always free, we’re both as one
United always in our Love,
We’re standing still, we are in peace.
I see in you God’s only Son,
Light on you shining from above,
You’re not apart, you’re me, just is.

Sonnets of Love – 3

The feeling comes from deep inside
When I lay eyes upon your own
And see the light, so bright and pure,
That changes something in my sight –
I have no need to hate, nor frown
Your Love no longer is obscure.

Remembering to Live

We’re lost in our erratic thoughts
And seeing them as real,
We truly feel,
As if the pain and suffering
We go through each and every day,
At any point may
Show us where happiness is
And how to find our perfect peace…

The memory of God
To the disturbed mind –
Comes not.
The one who tries to find
The Truth in any thing,
Love alongside hate,
If pleasure is in separation seen
This one’s determined to dream.

Remembering to live –
We’ve managed to forget
How to forgive
And see,
That it’s not what we get,
But what we give.
How we forgive is showing clearly
Our desire for war or peace,
And what do we hold dearly –
The ego’s hate or God’s perfect bliss.

The Light

You see yourself as sinful, guilty and fearful. By this “seeing” you are creating yourself as such. Is it your will to be called these names, that you yourself came up with? Do you want suffering or peace?

How do you change this view of yourself? How do you start seeing yourself in true light? You cannot accomplish this through affirmations or intellectual reasoning. The only way you can see yourself as Light is to see all your Brothers as Light. Every tiny bit of darkness you find in another will be multiplied and reflected in you.

When you condemn your Brother into darkness, do you suppose that Light will be shown to you? Do you believe that Light is something a separated body can ever have?

The Light is all there is. It includes everything, as it is everything. It loves everyone, because everyone is standing in the Light. Realize that there is no darkness by not looking for darkness.

We’ve Managed to Forget

I lay beside you every day
And, isn’t it a shame, sometimes I may
Not recognize in you the Light of Love,
I try to see it, but I haven’t learned enough –
Not yet – Yes, I still forget.

And I still judge the things you do,
As If not knowing that,
I’m judging me – not you.
These are mistakes I make, when I forget.

And all the things we want so much to get?
Somehow we’ve managed to forget:
Forget to see beyond the dream,
Forget that there were never any sin,
Forget remembering to forgive,
To realize its our thoughts we give,
That shape the picture on the wall –
Illusionary wall we’re trying to crawl.

And every time we seem to hate?
We’ve managed to forget our state,
The way we truly are,
In which we’re One – not near, nor far.

Yes, it’s difficult not to forget,
But much more so when you need to get:
The things, the fame,
Emotions, but lack of shame,
The peace in you, along your Brother’s sin,
Heaven on Earth, in which not everyone is in.

Who’s made the rules how it’s supposed to be?
If it’s pure Love ‘tween you and me,
It really all it takes to bring us home,
With Love I testify – I’m not alone.
In it – we’re one, we’re joined again,
In Love we’re perfectly sustained.


This Moment

Right now, this moment’s everything!
And all I have – it is within.
And all I love – is this alone,
But this is all that’s ever known.

This moment – beautiful and pure!
In it alone I stand secure,
I’m still, I’m not afraid,
In it, I’m healed,
I know not hate.

And yet – I still forget…
Sometimes, I still believe
There’s something that I need to get,
To always smile and never grieve.

When I forget, I’m really lost –
The life appears to bear heavy cost.
I find my hate in everything I see,
When I, myself, choose not to be.

So I will not make same mistake
And put this moment at the stake.
For here alone lies Love so pure,
That finally offers me the cure!

Unchanged and Pure

A Brother stands in front of me,
In light, in perfect holiness I see
Him standing still, secure –
Unchanged and pure.

My love extending towards him,
God’s Love, not ego’s fleeting whim,
Of one thing I am sure –
It is unchanged and pure.

The lies you hear
So intricately ringing in your ear,
They’re difficult, they change,
For they’re designed to derange.

The Truth is simple, it’s your cure,
The Truth you’re destined to reclaim –
Forever same,
Unchanged and pure.

When I am tempted

When I am tempted,
I’m afraid.
I’m guilty,
And I hate:
I blame them,
I condemn,
I live in fear,
And I smear.

When I do all of this,
Can I expect a smile to be returned?
What am I choosing – hell or peace?
Will they believe it’s Love I’ve earned?

No, they reply the same:
They put me down in shame
And they blame.
They say:
I’m worthless,
I’m plagued –
My hate still lives in them,
It is unchanged.

And when I love,
I feel such peace inside,
The light has finally entered in my sight.
I don’t see pain,
Nor suffering in vain,
I don’t condemn –
I don’t see them.

It’s only Love I see –
A Brother answered to my plea,
And now we’re One,
Both finally free.

Master of the Dream

You are the Master of the dream –
And what a foolish one at that!
You have but dreamed of world of hate,
Where souls are trapped and lost,
And then you threw away the key,
Not knowing what it cost.

And yet, to wake up – it’s your choice,
If you see dream for what it is,
If you but listen to your True Voice,
You’ll surely find the peace.

You send your messengers around the dream,
And they come back, reporting you about the dream you’re in.

The messengers of hate bring back
Just what you asked of them – attack:

“Master, that one has sinned,
This one is guilty.
You sent us with your hate,
And we returned with their flesh and blood.
So do not wait
And bring them death!
Show them who is your true god!”

The messengers of Love come back in joy,
Not knowing fear, nor hate, nor anger:

“Master, how beautiful your Brother is,
Forever innocent and pure,
Shining with light of perfect peace,
And sharing Love which offers instant cure.

We brought your Love to him and now returned,
Bringing you Love of which we learned”.

You are the Master of the dream,
Be careful that light in you shall never dim.
What messengers you send out with your will –
Come back, and bring you Love – or kill.

And as the Master of the dream,
You’ll see a dream of peace or sin.

Love is what You are

Love is what You are.
No matter what it seems life’s giving you
No matter if you came so far
And many problems are now due –
Love still is what You are.

You radiate with Love
Your happiness and strength.
At times, when life seems tough,
The Love you feel, will go to any length,
For It is what You are.

Sometimes it seems inside,
That you’re alone…
But you just have to keep in sight,
That Love you feel is never gone,
For Love reflects in you its holy might.

Sometimes, you have to grieve,
But your Love’s still the same –
Please keep it shining, and forgive,
There’s never need for pain or blame.

Love gives you light and heals
No matter what life puts you through,
The Love shines on, and any pain – It stills.
Love is the song which clears your view.

So truly, Love is all You are,
Remember this and be at peace.
The loved ones may be near or far –
Your Love for them will never cease.


To any Brother in the world you can extend your will – your love or hate.

You can condemn a brother, judge him for this or that, and it will make you burn with anger. You know you’re right, your anger’s justified. The condemnation is your will, if you identify with ego.

Or, you can Forgive. Forgiveness is extension of Love, which is beyond this world.

“How can you forgive when clearly he has sinned!?” – cries ego. And yet, true Forgiveness is gifted not for the repentance of the sin. Only the ego makes you ask for a condition before you can forgive.

True Forgiveness comes not on a condition, but from recognition – that sin is an illusion you project. Your Brother’s never sinned, and when you grant him that, how anything but Love be felt inside you for him?

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