I wonder – do we understand
Each other, hear the heart
Which beats with rhythm – pure art,
Or do we just pretend:
That we are hearing truly,
Compassionately, fully,
Each other, words we speak,
The understanding that we seek.

I wonder still – the Love I feel –
Do you hear beating in your chest
Defenseless, being so possessed
That every moment does reveal
The peace of quiet feeling –
Such quietness appealing –
Which makes you stop and heed
And to the love concede.

I wonder – words I speak,
The words of love I share –
Are we as one aware
Of meaning, of mystique,
That love so pure proposes,
The secrets it discloses –
Do we see both as one
How our love begun?

I wonder not – I feel,
The love in you is known,
And mine is but your own,
Our love is one – so real!
The beauty of composure
Under pure love’s exposure,
Is what we have achieved –
Love can’t be misperceived!