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Love holds no grievances

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Does bird feel tortured when she’s made to fly?
So why do we stay so uncertain still?
Lost in the endless search until we die,
So out of touch with remnants of our Will.

Truth is not frail, it is our greatest gift –
Would you exchange it for a pile of dust?
For dreams of pain and goals that always shift,
For hopes of gain, when all you gain is rust?

“Uncertain of one’s path” – I’d say: “Insane!”
Caught in such sleep where light remains unseen,
Dreaming of choosing between death and pain
While praying for forgiveness of no sin.

Sonnets of Love: Work

If ever I am asked, “Why do you work?
Why do you work so hard and still,
It seems you life’s not changed at all?”
“Why,” – I would answer, “you think, I should shirk,
When I have purpose to fulfill?
And yet, this “life” as such I wouldn’t call”.

Idols of Salvation

Where do you look for salvation? Whom are you trying to appoint as your savior?

You look for it in any thing or any body. And yet, no matter how hard you try, these idols of salvation always fail.

You believe that you know what’s everything’s purpose is for and so you assign the purpose of salvation to many things. After being wrong so many times before, do you not want to reconsider your assumptions of purpose? This is the knowledge you simply do not posses.

The things where you look for happiness were not created with purpose of happiness in mind. On the contrary, they were created with purpose of hiding the happiness from you and leading you away from salvation. The ego made these things and bodies as witnesses for its case of an illusion. Would it then appoint them to witness against its only goal?


Love is what You are

Love is what You are.
No matter what it seems life’s giving you
No matter if you came so far
And many problems are now due –
Love still is what You are.

You radiate with Love
Your happiness and strength.
At times, when life seems tough,
The Love you feel, will go to any length,
For It is what You are.

Sometimes it seems inside,
That you’re alone…
But you just have to keep in sight,
That Love you feel is never gone,
For Love reflects in you its holy might.

Sometimes, you have to grieve,
But your Love’s still the same –
Please keep it shining, and forgive,
There’s never need for pain or blame.

Love gives you light and heals
No matter what life puts you through,
The Love shines on, and any pain – It stills.
Love is the song which clears your view.

So truly, Love is all You are,
Remember this and be at peace.
The loved ones may be near or far –
Your Love for them will never cease.

Three Stages of Forgiveness

Conditional Forgiveness

At this stage there is no forgiveness at all – there is only judgement. You constantly judge your Brothers and then you “forgive” them – given they follow your conditions.

We could also call this “ego forgiveness”. The ego feels powerful if it can look down on a Brother and “forgive” him, with understanding that he will soon sin again, be condemned, and guilt will force him to return for more.

Forgetful Forgiveness

You realize that temporal forgiveness is not real – and when conditions are given, you can be sure enough they will be broken. So you try to truly let go of judging your Brother, but you forget.

This is a period of increasing conflict, because you do not want to follow ego’s path no more, but you still do. You turn between two opposites, and don’t accept just yet that one of them is not real.

This is an important stage and you will persevere. You’ll make mistakes, but every time you’ll choose again. And very soon the ego won’t be something you’ll ever look upon again.

True Forgiveness

True Forgiveness is, simply, lack of judgement. You cannot condemn a Brother and then truly forgive him. You grant True Forgiveness to each one through overlooking ego. You’ll see nothing but Light of God and there will be nothing you could judge.

You realized that rather than trying to be “right”, following the path of the ego, you’d rather have peace.

A Simple Choice

God or ego – that is all there is to choose between in this world.

Complexity is of the ego – to hide the Truth, it gives us thousands views of what is false. Complexity is not of God:

How could it be, when all He knows is one? He knows of one creation, one reality, one truth and but one Son. Nothing conflicts with oneness. How, then, could there be complexity in Him? (T-26.III.1:1-5)

While we’re still here, it’s hard to avoid the form. And yet, our choice on the level of form is not important. God has nothing to do with form. It is the meaning we give to anything of this world that makes the choice for us.

Each moment of your life you make this choice. Unconscious it may be, but idle it is not. Don’t be afraid of past mistakes, but know better Now, and choose again.

What You are Not

We always try to find our purpose, our path in life. We seek our essence, who we are.

The world will give its answers, it has many. And it does help you find your path, but never through teaching what You are. It merely lists everything You’re Not.

A body, father, human being, woman, businessman, an actor, president, poor, lonely, sick or rich. Unhappy or content, an old man or a child. By teaching you who you are not, the ego simply follows its doctrine:

Seek, but do not find.

Your path is found in none of these things, and yet even the ego can be of help. By recognizing goals it has, you hardly can silence its voice. What you can do, is stop looking for salvation where ego offers it, and finally you too will find that field, “Out there, beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing”.

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