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Not Other Day

Dark night, so quiet – unseen the sin
With eyes of flesh  – can I begin
To recognize how much we’re lost?
I hesitate – too high a cost.

Day comes anew, rises the sun –
What if we knew what we have done?
Would we find courage, choose again? –
Not under burden being men.

When will we wake from dreams obscure? –
Never while time still has allure.
We pray, give sacrifice in blood,
Yet it persists – all is for naught.

I wish I could… No, even pray! –
That I could see not other day,
And break free from the chains of time
Awaken from my seeming crime.

The Dreams I Dreamed

I walked unsure, at times depressed,
So often stumbling on my quest!
At times being lost or so it seemed
When I believed in dreams I dreamed.

I dreamed of Earth, being born in dust,
And of our brethren and the cost
That we have paid with spirit pure
To come to form – dying flesh obscure.

I dreamed of me – or was it you?
So many figures, quite a few
Appeared to me in dreams of sin
But could it all come from within?

The time shall come, I need but wait,
When I wake up in pure state,
When I remember what I am,
And cease to dream, and cease to damn.

Our Love Expands

A lifetime of pure love. We live
As one, unseparated still,
In pleasure and in pain we give
Support and comfort, love until
Time ends. But even then remains
Our love forever pure – when time
Comes to an end, the bloody stains
And shadows of imagined crime
Are finally cleansed and we return
To what we were before we fell
So deep asleep. Were we concerned
That Heaven’s not for us to dwell?
It hardly matters – Not when we
Are holding hands. There’re no demands,
And no concerns – for now we see
The holy light – Our Love expands.


Forgotten moments of the past,
Unknown the remnants of tomorrow –
Is it so strange that I have lost
The meaning of my only sorrow?

The sorrow I have felt when time
Reminded me – all will be gone…
But why? – Is living such a crime,
That time must come when it’s withdrawn?

What use have fleeting dreams of life,
When every moment passes by,
When in the midst of endless strife
You walk so low while dreaming high?

The time, some say – it even heals!
And teaches us, and helps us grow!
But in the end, it always kills –
Much is unknown, but this I know…

What was before the time begun?
How did it start, when, where – why?
What will become when time’s undone?
Will someone miss it, perhaps cry?

I have an old clock on the wall –
Each day it must be brought to life
So that the hands will slowly crawl
And help the evening to arrive.

If time is similar perhaps
Then someone must have started it,
But then, one day it will collapse,
No longer able to submit –

Each one of us to walk alone,
Kept separate by time and space –
Oh, wicked tyrant, cease, begone!
Where there is time, there is no grace.

The Carpet

A carpet’s spread – I drag my feet
For thousands miles – where does it lead?
Where do I go and why I strive
To find a point in pointless life?

The carpet’s red – as if being stained
In blood which here so long remained
After the journey others made
In search of their own bloody fate.

As I look back I see the past
And all the journey I have passed
While walking aimlessly alone
Along this path into unknown.

In front of me – the future lays –
Strange how it always same remains,
Looks just as narrow, just as red –
Same carpet stretches far ahead.

Where is the end, where did I start? –
The voice is silent in my heart.
The carpet hides behind the time
The reason of my only crime.

The time is prison – I remain
Locked in the cage which I maintain
Through dragging still my feet along
The carpet where I don’t belong.

It’s being time – where could it lead,
But to my death, to my defeat.
The journey pointless and so long,
The journey I myself prolong.

But time must come to end as well –
It’s up to me to break its spell.
The carpets rolls up, disappears –
No guilt remains, but my dry tears.

Overcoming Time

I am a spirit, Son of God,
Through teaching pure I’m here to learn
Each moment of this life I’m not
To find the grievances, for peace I yearn.
I’m pure and holy, only one,
To get back home I’ll do what needs being done.

Each moment of this life is equally unreal,
It could have never happened, so it’s not,
And yet, in terms of time some things’re important still,
They’re means reducing time ‘tween me and God.
It is with joy my task pursue,
Planning my steps, clearing my view.

Each time with joy I do my work,
With smile accepting lessons of forgiveness,
My duties in removing time I do not shirk,
I’ll always follow through, doing no less,
Than offering each moment to my peace,
And always loving what just is.

As pure spirit, I’m overcoming time,
Not wanting nothing else than Truth
I do continue loving the sublime,
I am convinced, I will not lose.
I am the winner, one with God,
I am consistent, pure and loved.

Your Purpose

All of us look for happiness, we try to find it in every thing.

The ego does not want you to be happy, but it does want you to search. It says:

Seek, but do not find.

Pretending it’s your friend, it points here and there, and makes you search for it forever. It says:

You are not happy now because this happened in the past. There’s nothing you can do about the past, but look into the future! If you will have these things tomorrow, the happiness will be yours!

The God would never have you search for happiness, because He knows that happiness is your purpose. He created you happy, and He asks but to look inside, and realize that happiness is forever yours.

How could you possibly be unhappy, if happiness is what you are? Except, if you deny eternity and hide into the dark clouds of Yesterday and Tomorrow.

The happiness is yours forever, it is eternal. But it cannot be found in time, because the time does not exist.

Return to where you belong – in endless, ever present Now.

What ego would make you believe?

The ego, the voice inside your head that is mistakenly taken for your own, would make you believe many things.

There are laws it wants you to follow.
There is a body it wants you to identify with.
There are goals it wants you to pursue.

How do you know if the voice is coming from the ego? Simply, the ego’s voice makes you seek happiness in outside things, but no matter how hard you try and how diligently you follow its advice, you never find it. The ego does bring you temporal gratification, but as soon as you mix time with happiness, you know that you follow the wrong teacher.

Do you want fleeting “happiness” that comes and goes with passing of time? Has anything you have ever done “out there” in the world brought you lasting fulfillment?

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