I have been bitter – God forgive my bitterness of late.
I have been lonely – loneliness upon my soul a shade.
I have been tired – but alas, no rest I can perceive –
Yet I am blessed – I thank You for blessing I receive.

I will be mindful – mindfulness will teach Eternal Law,
The beauty of the Light will shine as I walk to and fro:
Towards the Light and from the dark – if only I perceive
Your Guidance in the dead of night – a blessing I receive.

I have been sour – all my life had seemingly collapsed
As I was weary from the fact that time now had elapsed,
And tarry I no longer can – I’m grateful for this fact,
For moving on my path I must – the path that You elect.

No longer bitter – understood mistakes that I have made,
No longer lonely – You have come and swept away the shade.
Yet tired still – even as I walk on the holy road,
And all the blessing I have asked, You gave me – only God.