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There is a madman in the wild
Walking closer to my house
With his steps all is defiled.

I prepare, as time allows
For the madman coming in
I can feel the fear within.

Madman roams outside my door
In suspension of the fear
I can’t take it anymore,

As the madman comes so near,
Gazing through the window frame,
Watching with his eyes insane,

Silence covers the unknown –
I can feel the madman breathe,
Breath much heavier than my own.

And the fear crawls underneath
My own flesh and my own skin,
As if burning for my sin,

I submit to fear and pain
Giving in and giving up
I’m defeated through my shame –

Madman got me in his trap
Once I’m caught, there’s no way out
It remains but scream and shout:

“Stranger leave myself alone!
Just get out and leave me be,
I can’t live life on your loan…”

All is dark, I cannot see
Yet the curtains still reveal
Madman’s shadow that I feel.

Even in the depths of hell
I’m not stranger to my Self,
Yet a stranger is inside.

From my thoughts I cannot hide,
Racing mind I can’t control
As it plays the madman’s role.

Much is said, much less is done –
Madman roams just as before,
I’m afraid that I’ve become

But a madman at my core.
Wretched stranger to my Self,
I’ve succumbed to madman’s hell.

The Fear

God wills only the happiness for me,
And yet at times I’m still afraid so much,
And when afraid, I do refuse to see,
Oblivious of God’s so gentle touch.

How does it happen, fear absorbs me so?
What did I do, deserving timid fate?
I try being still, yet ego asks for more,
Rejoices ego much when I’m afraid.

So I give up, unable to resist
The ego’s wicked guile, that shakes me still,
That keeps me buried deeply in the mist,
That hides from me the Love I cannot feel.

So violently and cruel the fear still lives in me,
It shakes my body with primordial force,
The terror blinds my eyes, I cannot see,
Of Light I’m unaware when I’m under this curse,

Of all the good, of anything that’s real
I’m unaware too, being blinded with disgust,
For when I am afraid, the hate I also feel –
When fear is me, I cannot live in trust.

And so the ego leads me into hell –
Oh, how I suffer when I follow it!
I buy its lies with my own soul to sell –
Ego accepts, I am so lost, and I do quit…

But just before it grasps my holy Self
The Voice inside grows stronger, and I hear!
The Voice will never let to lose my Self
It does protect me so, when ego’s near.

I’m still afraid, the fight goes on inside,
Day after day in conflict I exist,
But every day the Voice is by my side:
Grows weak the ego, I’m seeing through its mist.

It does take time for fear to go away
It does take patience, yet I persevere.
With such allies I’ll never lose my way:
Thought after thought, the ego’ll disappear!

God is Dead?

Could it be said, that God is dead, when nothing’s else alive?
Could you perceive, even achieve the knowledge of pure love,
When all you do – deny the truth, and through denial strive?
When all you are is all He is, yet This is not enough?

Could you assume, in all the truth, that body’s what you are?
And then presume that your misuse of everything in life
Helps to achieve the knowledge pure, perceived to be so far.
Of knowledge this you’re unaware through trying to survive.

Survive in world where meaning’s not, thinking that God is dead,
Survive in life which lasts a day, or even hundred years –
Nevertheless it’s bound by time, belief in which is mad
For time destroys what you call life – the essence of your fears.

But could you think, and truly think that time can kill your life?
And on the brink, when you do sink into the great unknown
What’s left of you is what you are, when body’s not alive:
You will be Love, or if you want – back into hell reborn.

Sonnets of Love: Bourne

It is a special day for you:
The fears you’ve had will disappear
And you will shine anew, reborn.
Today the light will cover up your view,
The problems of your dream no longer will appear:
It is a happy dream when you have reached your bourne.

Sonnets of Love – 18 (Fear)

This fear, which lurks silent in my depths,
Unconscious, yet so strong
Preventing me from seeing Holy Light.
It’s always near – of concentration lapse,
Belief that someone else is wrong,
Not recognizing in my Brother our might.

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