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Sonnets of Love – 22 (The Problem)

The problem, you’ve created in your mind,
Is there still, waiting to be forgiven –
Don’t try to solve it in this world.
Where problem is, solution you will find,
The peace you seek, you have been given,
Solution is your Love, allow it to unfold.

Sonnets of Love – 1

Alas, you’re not believing me,
No matter what I say, you still insist
That all your problems here are real.
Alas, you’re still refusing to see
And you would rather stay in mist
And there – peace is the last thing you will feel.

The Problem

You look for answers everywhere,
Perceiving problems are “out there”,
You try to solve them with your might,
But nothing can be solved through fight.

How should I live?
What should I do?
When should I forgive?
Whom should I answer to?

How arrogant it is for you
To really think you ever knew
The real question you must ask
To finally complete your task.

You dreamed of problems in your mind,
And so it is the only place
Where answers you will find.

Now you can cease your search “out there”
And see indeed – the Truth is everywhere.

There are No Problems

The world tries to push so many “problems” unto us. Yet, are these problems so? By paying all our attention to the problems of the world we never see the only one which matters – that we are lost, unhappy, not in peace.

By recognizing that every single problem has already been solved we find the peace of God. And every time you look at your Brother, do not see him as having problems. More importantly, do not allow the ego to make him into problem for yourself.

The ego sees everything and everyone as a problem. It shields its “reality” with grievances it wants us to hold. When we refuse to accept ego’s grievances, we find peace. When we refuse to see our Brother as a problem, we find our peace in him.

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