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Love holds no grievances

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God Is

No judgement passes in my mind but only love –
You, my dear friend, look into my mind’s eye!
Embraced by holiness I stay, no words enough
To show you what it means to live without a lie.

You seem to be apart, alone and fearful still,
And I’m perceived in your eye as a stranger too
But there is one note in our heart we feel
Which sings and joins our souls forever through.

Attentively in quiet moment stay with me
And let us hear that note which sings in us:
The freedom from the world is ours, we let it be –
In such a holy moment there’s no loss.

What you perceive is not what you will truly see
When you receive the feeling of forgotten peace
In which no eyes of flesh needed for you and me
To see the holy light that shines: “God is”.

The War Is Gone

I come back home and put my sword aside,
Put down my shield covered with stains of war,
And let my weary head rest from the fight
At last enjoying calm of peaceful shore.

It seemed the war had raged for many years:
So many brothers fell but not for naught,
So many mothers shed their sorry tears
Now mixed ‘tween grief and joy in their distraught.

But now the war is gone, pain is no more –
The suffering and death we have been caused
And needless pain I have caused to my foe
Have brought me here where in my thoughts I’m lost

I look back and rejoice, for past is but a dream,
The future is unseen when I am here,
Surrendering my thoughts which only seem
And finally becoming free of fear.

The judgments, thoughts and fears that led to war
It’s time I lay aside, leave far behind –
In peaceful grace I don’t need anymore
The heavy baggage of my restless mind.

Beyond the good and bad is where I’m from –
Now I forget the reasons why I fought,
Forget the war, forget this world and come
With wholly empty hands unto my God.

Breathe Deep

Breathe deep – inhale,
The thoughts will wait – succumbed
Into eternity – so frail,
Your very essence is – unbound.

Breathe deep – with eyes
Wide shut – no need to look.
Breathe deep – anxiety dies,
You need but breath on path you took.

Breathe brave – the grave
Will wait – you’re here now,
So breathe! – and crave
This breath, like it’s the last – allow –

The breath to be, the mind to cease
To speak, to think – the eyes –
To cease to see – but breathe!
Allow the peaceful breath – to rise.

Sonnets of Love: The Question

You bring your question everywhere:
“Tell me, where I can find the peace?”
And yet, the silence’s all you ever get,
For answer that you seek, indeed is rare –
And it cannot be found, unless you cease
The search where answer can’t be met.

Sonnets of Love – 17 (Silence)

Silence… You do not speak,
You’re still and calm inside,
For how can mere words explain
The Truth, which silently you seek,
The Light, which covers up your sight –
It is our peace that we attain.

Sonnets of Love – 5

My friend – come, join me for a while
And share what it is
That seems to bother you today.
What could it be, preventing you to smile?
What could have happened to your peace?
For what did you your Self betray?

Sonnets of Love – 4

We’re always free, we’re both as one
United always in our Love,
We’re standing still, we are in peace.
I see in you God’s only Son,
Light on you shining from above,
You’re not apart, you’re me, just is.

Sonnets of Love – 1

Alas, you’re not believing me,
No matter what I say, you still insist
That all your problems here are real.
Alas, you’re still refusing to see
And you would rather stay in mist
And there – peace is the last thing you will feel.

Ego wants me

Ego wants me to be afraid,
It wants me to feel the hate –
To make so real the dream,
And make eternal Light in me to dim.

Ego wants me to forget,
Distracts me with things it wants me to get –
And it suggests – so cunningly and sweet,
Where outside of God my happiness I’ll meet.

But I refuse to look and make it real,
For I am Love, I am in God.
It thinks the Truth is kept concealed,
But for illusions I care not.

It will not listen, nor understand
The Truth I see from where I stand.

Ego wants me to put the blame,
And then it makes me feel the shame.
It needs the conflict to exist –
To hold me always in its mist.

And it won’t listen, nor respect,
The Truth which I stand to protect.

Yes, ego wants so much,
But most of all, it is afraid –
For it is, but a crutch,
I seemingly have made.


Do you truly believe that any problem can be created outside of yourself? You’ve got into habit of blaming everything and everyone for what you judge as bad or wrong. You have been looking for your happiness outside as long as you can remember – have you ever found it?

Only insane mind will keep on repeating the same process, that failed him so many times. Of course, anyone blind to the truth is insane, but it only seems that we don’t see. Son of God is like himself, and God is not insane. Only ego made you accept that you’re insane. And it makes you look for happiness where nothing exists – outside of yourself.

Blaming your Brother, you are saying “You are responsible for my happiness and you do not let me be happy”. Blaming the circumstances, you are saying “If this or that would not have happened, I would have been happy, free, in peace”. The ego goes as far as making us blame our Creator – complete impossibility, which makes sense only to the insane. But then, do not forget, that ego is insane, it makes no senseEach grievance you hold is simply you looking for salvation outside.

So when for eons you have been searching for the answer, and looking only outside and never finding it, why not look elsewhere? When every time you blame a Brother, you are unhappier still, why not try Love instead towards him?

The ego never rests, for it’s afraid. And listening to its little voice of guilt and blame, you will become as restless, not content and always searching.

There are No Problems

The world tries to push so many “problems” unto us. Yet, are these problems so? By paying all our attention to the problems of the world we never see the only one which matters – that we are lost, unhappy, not in peace.

By recognizing that every single problem has already been solved we find the peace of God. And every time you look at your Brother, do not see him as having problems. More importantly, do not allow the ego to make him into problem for yourself.

The ego sees everything and everyone as a problem. It shields its “reality” with grievances it wants us to hold. When we refuse to accept ego’s grievances, we find peace. When we refuse to see our Brother as a problem, we find our peace in him.

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