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Too Far Gone

Something has to change,
Something has to give –
Is this world deranged
So hard to forgive?

Am I all alone? –
When I’m lost in thoughts,
Am I too far gone
From my own pure source?

I don’t know – too late!
Searching for an end,
I don’t contemplate,
Nor do I pretend

That all ends with death –
Has it any use?
Ending of my breath
Does not lead to Truth.

A Man

A man walked silently in bliss
And did not judge, nor saw a sin,
But emanated subtle peace,
That he had shining from within.

Some saw him, cried: “A Son of God!”
But many said: “He’s evil pure!
For jewish laws he cares not,
Must die while he is still obscure!”

Indeed, he died, or so it seemed
For those who pray to rotten flesh;
For those who lost in dreams undreamed
He whispers gently truth afresh:

“Teach not that I have died in vain,
Teach rather that I live in you!
And thus eternally remain
One with my brothers in God’s view”.


How long will you in your despair
Pretend that Voice you cannot hear
Even when you are lost in prayer
Insisting answers are not clear?

How long will Love remain unanswered,
In your own ignorance obscured? –
While you pretend that you have answered
The call for Love which still endured

Even behind the veil of darkness
With which you’d cover all the Truth –
The Love’s not lost, you still can harness
Forgotten innocence of youth.

When seeing image in the mirror
Of wrinkled face, succumbed to time
The Truth is not becoming nearer –
Your body hides a Child sublime.

These Eyes

Based on Workbook lesson 9:
I see nothing as it is now

The eyes you think can see the Truth –
These eyes perceive only misuse,
But you believe it is not so.
These eyes will show you only lies,
That bring about your own demise
By dragging you to hell below.
Yet what you are immortal stands,
Your pure Self the Truth demands –
The vision false you must let go.

Perception has been made to fool,
That everyone you see is cruel –
And so your love does never last.
Yet what you are can’t see the pain,
Your pure Self knows not of shame –
Sin’s seen in future or the past.
Right now what problems do you see?
What reasons not to let them be?
All things you hate – so long have passed.

There is a teaching you must learn,
That all of this where you do burn,
Burns only in your shadowed mind.
You will perceive your friends anew
And all conclusions that you drew
No longer can maintain you blind.
You will find Truth only right Now
And realize how you somehow
Tried in the past the Truth to find.

The Path of Truth

Based on Workbook Introduction

Today you’re starting on the path of Truth,
The very fact you’re reading now these words
Means you are ready for the proper use
Of everything you’re seeing in this world.

I may not know particulars you’ve had
On your path in illusionary life,
Yet I am certain that it cannot be said
That your life went in peace, without a strife.

Each one of us who’s trapped still in this world
Has seen the suffering, the pain, the hate,
Has been through conflicts, hell untold,
But hasn’t realized how this world has been made.

You do not know as yet how strong you are
To see that something here is amiss,
To realize that our life, existence, is so far
From Heaven true, from God’s pure peace.

Yet still your mind remains so weak –
Never in truth, but in illusion of this world –
It does prevent achieving what you seek,
Your task is worthy, yet difficult and bold.

There are two teachers you can choose between:
All things are lessons God would have you learn,
But there’s another teacher, vicious, yet unseen,
Between True God and ego you are torn.

Be careful not becoming slave to form,
Each word’s but road sign, pointing to the Truth.
The ego wants you being always torn
Between your path and ego’s sly misuse.

The purpose of this path is training you to see,
But ‘fore the Truth there’re barriers untold.
All life of yours you did not let It be,
Your ego blinded you, the Truth not to behold.

No matter where you are along the path
While trusting ego, Truth you cannot see,
Your first goal then – undoing ego’s wrath
And only then you will allow the Truth to be.

When ego’s gone, you can perceive anew,
The pain this world has shown you, will be gone.
The benefits of Truth you will accrue
When finally your ego is undone.

All worldy things try teaching you that here
The ego is the only master of this world,
That God’s been killed, that real is the fear.
Time after time the lies you have been taught.

But now, through following true path to God
You’re learning everything anew
Any exceptions will have brought
The failure on the path you’re going through.

Some things have stronger hold of you –
These things are obstacles the most,
Not all are ready now, only a few
To reach the Truth, no matter what’s the cost.

But you are here now, could it be a mistake?
Your path did give you strength, has brought you far,
Your strength’s already helped you choice to make,
You have already learned just What you Are.
(Unrecognized for now, yet recognition can’t be far)

Crusaders of the Truth

In these tough times of darkness so obscure
We need protection from imagined sin,
We are to follow those only who matured,
We’re not allowed to look for truth within.

Crusaders of the Truth will show the way:
They will attack the sinners of this world
Who dare through wicked teaching lead astray
The sheep who blindly follow what they’re told.

Crusaders of the Truth won’t rest in peace
Till every sinner of the world’s exposed,
Their Holy mission – showing where Truth is,
Stomping to dust the ones who Truth oppose.

But in these times, which are indeed obscure,
Crusaders of the Truth themselves’re opposed.
In times when even teachers’re insecure,
In times when Son of God can be so loathed,

In these dark times the flock must guided be
By Voice of God – Martyrs of Teaching Pure,
Who won’t allow the lies of sin to be,
Protecting from Crusaders’ sly allure.

And so they fight, and viciously at that,
And flock has been forgotten long ago,
Neither Crusaders, nor Martyrs will let
To halt the growth of egos – so they grow.

How much importance are we to assign,
To understanding not our “holy” ways?
Are we too blind to see so clear a sign
That it’s our fight, which ego stronger makes?

Are they important so, ways of this world,
That we will kill our Self in name of them?
We’re deaf to Voice, which to us clearly told –
We’re not to slaughter God’s innocent lamb.

No matter! Voice of God does grow so dim,
Crusaders of the Truth are fighting on
With such persistence, gruesome and so grim,
Until the last mistake (judge they) is gone.

Indeed, the Voice is dim, the truth’s obscure –
Martyrs of Holy Light will fight the same,
For only they hold teaching true and pure,
And so they teach – through anger, hate and shame.

Sonnets of Love – 19 (Truth)

Remember what you are, open your eyes!
Be tempted not, your sin’s not real
Now choose again, undoing sin –
No need to follow what you know is lies,
The Truth – your body does not feel,
The Truth is in your mind, within.

Sonnets of Love – 17 (Silence)

Silence… You do not speak,
You’re still and calm inside,
For how can mere words explain
The Truth, which silently you seek,
The Light, which covers up your sight –
It is our peace that we attain.

Sonnets of Love – 16

You think you know, but all you do
Is struggle, failing just to see,
Or even trying to look upon the Truth.
The ones who know, do not have to
Continue searching – they just be,
For words of God they don’t misuse.

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