Love is what You are.
No matter what it seems life’s giving you
No matter if you came so far
And many problems are now due –
Love still is what You are.

You radiate with Love
Your happiness and strength.
At times, when life seems tough,
The Love you feel, will go to any length,
For It is what You are.

Sometimes it seems inside,
That you’re alone…
But you just have to keep in sight,
That Love you feel is never gone,
For Love reflects in you its holy might.

Sometimes, you have to grieve,
But your Love’s still the same –
Please keep it shining, and forgive,
There’s never need for pain or blame.

Love gives you light and heals
No matter what life puts you through,
The Love shines on, and any pain – It stills.
Love is the song which clears your view.

So truly, Love is all You are,
Remember this and be at peace.
The loved ones may be near or far –
Your Love for them will never cease.