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Love holds no grievances

Tag: Quietness

The Word

In quietness of my own mind I wait
The stillness offers hand to searching mind.
In stillness of my Self I’m not afraid,
I’m sure, firm of what I’m going to find.

There is but one and only Word I need –
All noise and chaos of the world grow still
When I am still. I wait and heed –
There is but one and only love I feel.

With pure soul, and firm resolve
I am as certain as I never was before –
All problems solved, this world’s dissolved
All pain and suffering can be no more.

We’ve tried to live through sacrifice and sword,
We’ve tried being right in world since Abraham,
But let’s be quiet now and hear the Word:
With gentleness of pure soul – “I Am”.

I Wonder

I wonder – do we understand
Each other, hear the heart
Which beats with rhythm – pure art,
Or do we just pretend:
That we are hearing truly,
Compassionately, fully,
Each other, words we speak,
The understanding that we seek.

I wonder still – the Love I feel –
Do you hear beating in your chest
Defenseless, being so possessed
That every moment does reveal
The peace of quiet feeling –
Such quietness appealing –
Which makes you stop and heed
And to the love concede.

I wonder – words I speak,
The words of love I share –
Are we as one aware
Of meaning, of mystique,
That love so pure proposes,
The secrets it discloses –
Do we see both as one
How our love begun?

I wonder not – I feel,
The love in you is known,
And mine is but your own,
Our love is one – so real!
The beauty of composure
Under pure love’s exposure,
Is what we have achieved –
Love can’t be misperceived!

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