Spiritual Advance

Love holds no grievances

Your Love

The Love that You have shared
Through Voice of Holy Light
Makes me no longer scared,
Roaming the night.

Your presence lingers here –
I’m bathed in gratitude
Your Voice is heard so near
Even in solitude.

The loneliness forgotten –
I hold the hand of Yours,
The Savior of downtrodden;
Love silently endures.

Such Love is all that matters
In dreams strangely obscure.
Your Holy Spirit shatters
The sin’s allure.


I have been captivated –
World seen through tears,
Renewed, illuminated,
Has captured me in recent years.

Light shines a little brighter
Through lens of pain.
The weight is somewhat lighter –
I’ve come to terms with life again.

Complaints – they hardly matter
To me these days.
I consciously shatter
The memories of my old ways.

I will be liberated
One day – I’m sure.
Reborn and consecrated,
The soul forgets this world obscure.

Not a Word

It’s difficult to find the words –
Pain does not effortlessly flow
Through time and space – no hope towards
The fool who reaps just what he sows.

The tragedy – dark, haunting, vile,
Hidden within half-broken heart,
Weighs still upon the lone exile,
Splits mind in two – sets love apart.

Heartbroken memories we keep
Remind of healing never done,
Of never undertaken leap
Of faith we hesitantly shun.

But as words still fail to express
The sentiment which can’t be heard
I pray: allow me to confess
My feelings, saying not a word.

Tears Filled With Blood

From years of arrogance and lack
You found no choice, but to depart,
Walking away, not looking back,
Leaving a scar deep in my heart.

A wound profound – heart starts to bleed;
Tears filled with blood drip unto soil.
You’ve left behind a single seed,
Planted in blood – I start to toil.

Working the ground with gentle care,
The seed is nurtured through my tears.
How fast time flies – I’m unaware,
The work consumes my deepest fears.

One day, through cracks in blood-stained ground,
A flower broke free from the dark:
Dare I believe that I have found
First time in years, a hopeful spark?

Feminine Grace

Her pure feminine grace
Under the gentle bluish light
Reflects the sadness on her face
Seen clear as day – in day and night.

And in her innocent bright eyes
Still flickers shadow of a hope –
Eternal hope which never dies
Even as life seems hard to cope.

Light shadow cast from cloudy skies
Denies the remnants of all doubt –
That as she smiles, she also cries
With tears that nourish gentle sprout.

Her gentle feminine grace
Blesses with life creation pure
And sprout of love leaves hopeful trace
That from all ills there is a cure.

Only God

I have been bitter – God forgive my bitterness of late.
I have been lonely – loneliness upon my soul a shade.
I have been tired – but alas, no rest I can perceive –
Yet I am blessed – I thank You for blessing I receive.

I will be mindful – mindfulness will teach Eternal Law,
The beauty of the Light will shine as I walk to and fro:
Towards the Light and from the dark – if only I perceive
Your Guidance in the dead of night – a blessing I receive.

I have been sour – all my life had seemingly collapsed
As I was weary from the fact that time now had elapsed,
And tarry I no longer can – I’m grateful for this fact,
For moving on my path I must – the path that You elect.

No longer bitter – understood mistakes that I have made,
No longer lonely – You have come and swept away the shade.
Yet tired still – even as I walk on the holy road,
And all the blessing I have asked, You gave me – only God.

Were I Not Fool

Were I not fool, I’d heed her words and listen to her love.
I’d judge her not, and argue not, and in the dark of night
I would be close, holding her hand, even when times were tough,
And darkness would have us embraced, and saved us from our plight.

Were I not fool, seeing the signs how fragile was her grace
I would be still, calm, peaceful, strong, and falter I would not,
I would have changed my thoughts, my fears, could still have seen her face
And in the dark of weary night, her love I would have sought.

 Were I not fool, I would have known that patience runs its course —
For days, for years it gently waits, before it runs away.
I could have seen how with each day fell petals of a rose
That was our love, yet tended not, it would not wait and stay.

Yet I’m a fool, and always was, and still remain the same,
The many things I cared for, the whims I still protect,
The fears that scared away our love, and brought about the shame
Now might be gone — but so is she — what else could I expect?


Brought you flowers –
Smelling sweetly
They encourage
To forgive.

Will you bother?
It’s not easy –
I have not much
Left to give.

I am asking
For your guidance –
How can I get
Through to you?

Realize that
What we’re having
Others had – yes,
But a few.

Skepticism that
You have nurtured
Does not help to
See the truth.

All mistakes are
Nonexistent –
I am hoping
For a truce.

Maybe given
Little time to
See all things in
Proper light,

We will manage
To restore us –
Gently loving
Is our right.

Flowers dying –
Is all hopeless?
Do we fade just
As they do?

What a nonsense!
We’re not bodies –
Love makes one of
What was two.

Temptations of Dead

You entered through gate now forgotten –
No meaning behind wretched doors,
But lost souls – the tortured, downtrodden,
You’ve fallen for devil – of course!

For who could resist such temptation
Of demons to dance around you?
Who’d bother to pray for redemption?
Who’d fall for such hell if he knew! –

The truth – traitorous voices have silenced
The words which still call for release
Of soul in perpetual violence,
Yet choice’s yours to make – if you please.

No threats of the thunderous voices
Still savored through thoughts in your head
Prevent you from making right choices
And leave the temptations of dead.

Corrupted Land

Exemplified in death
The sin and the defense
To keep the tired breath
Within the crumbling fence.

Stalks shadows in the night
The child, lost long ago,
Who’s overcome with blight –
The wild blood flows below.

Who will repent the sin
When pain makes it so real?
The moment we begin
To strain for the unreal

We are already lost –
No savior offers hand.
Damnation is the cost
To walk corrupted land.

A Thrall

It is indeed a miracle
That with such little faith
And all the judgments typical
You constantly embrace

You still remain unchangeable
Beyond the worldly strives –
In ways to you intangible
Soul unaffected lies.

And through the constant challenges
You’re facing in your life
Forgotten is your happiness –
You battle, fight and strive!

What’s use blaming the circumstance
When you do not control
Your own forgotten commonsense? –
Your mind holds you a thrall.


There is a madman in the wild
Walking closer to my house
With his steps all is defiled.

I prepare, as time allows
For the madman coming in
I can feel the fear within.

Madman roams outside my door
In suspension of the fear
I can’t take it anymore,

As the madman comes so near,
Gazing through the window frame,
Watching with his eyes insane,

Silence covers the unknown –
I can feel the madman breathe,
Breath much heavier than my own.

And the fear crawls underneath
My own flesh and my own skin,
As if burning for my sin,

I submit to fear and pain
Giving in and giving up
I’m defeated through my shame –

Madman got me in his trap
Once I’m caught, there’s no way out
It remains but scream and shout:

“Stranger leave myself alone!
Just get out and leave me be,
I can’t live life on your loan…”

All is dark, I cannot see
Yet the curtains still reveal
Madman’s shadow that I feel.

Even in the depths of hell
I’m not stranger to my Self,
Yet a stranger is inside.

From my thoughts I cannot hide,
Racing mind I can’t control
As it plays the madman’s role.

Much is said, much less is done –
Madman roams just as before,
I’m afraid that I’ve become

But a madman at my core.
Wretched stranger to my Self,
I’ve succumbed to madman’s hell.

The Word

In quietness of my own mind I wait
The stillness offers hand to searching mind.
In stillness of my Self I’m not afraid,
I’m sure, firm of what I’m going to find.

There is but one and only Word I need –
All noise and chaos of the world grow still
When I am still. I wait and heed –
There is but one and only love I feel.

With pure soul, and firm resolve
I am as certain as I never was before –
All problems solved, this world’s dissolved
All pain and suffering can be no more.

We’ve tried to live through sacrifice and sword,
We’ve tried being right in world since Abraham,
But let’s be quiet now and hear the Word:
With gentleness of pure soul – “I Am”.


Your body or your soul –
The choice that you have made
Defending against all
Which threatens wretched state,

Which questions very thought
That something is not right.
“Defense” – what had it brought?
Why did you start the fight?

Die, rot to very bone!
See how you will defend
The body against stone,
And while you try to mend

Illusions obscene,
And sin you can’t atone,
Rots swiftly everything
That you have ever known!

No matter – you don’t rest,
Peace is unknown to you –
Since leaving mother’s breast
And starting life anew

All seem but to attack,
And God along with them –
Defense is sign of lack,
Defenseless don’t condemn.

A Thought

Forgotten are the moments of the past
Forgiven are the sins of yesterday
Long gone the problems I have crossed
To come where I appear to be today.

Unknown to all what future will have brought
Nor should I care, for it arrives as now,
It is but known by virtue of a thought
I thought long time ago somehow.

A thought, while cherished, seems so strangely real
And once conceived, forgotten how it came.
Today this ancient thought is somewhere still
With no one, but myself to blame.

How far should time be dragging me and where?
I did not think of consequences then
And now I am imprisoned through my dare
To walk alone, in body, as a man.

The Hall Inside The Moor

And often I,
And often he
Approached the hidden moor.
Where secrets lay
In light of day –
Lay hidden past the door,

Which guards the way
Beyond the day –
At night unseen to all.
We heard it said:
“Have fear of dead,
Avoid the wretched hall!”

Yet he and I,
Thought not to die,
Sought ever chilling thrills.
And in the night,
In lack of light
Went into forest hills.

Unknown to all
How wretched hall
Appeared in dead of night.
We were surprised,
Yet recognized
What was before our sight.

A single light,
A reddish light
Was seen way past the door
We stood in fear,
Ever so near
The hall inside the moor

We followed in –
Now deep within
The light lured us inside.
Fools as we were
Were brought before
The sickening, reddish light.

As we approached
Courage reproached
And all but disappeared!
Yet light remained
In our blood stained –
The nightmare that we feared.

He lay unmoved,
Dead where he stood
Blood running past the door.
I ran away,
Seeking the way
Outside of hall in moor.

Mere man cannot
Reach past the door
Or so at least it seems
Many were brought
To knees before
The moor of hidden dreams.

Perhaps to die,
Never return
Is conquering the fear?
He died, not I –
I was not born
As brave as I appear.

Will we again
Being mere men
From wicked dreams break free?
How often we
Approached the hall?
Unknown; A mystery.

Abandoned Hall

Forgotten corners of my mind
Where creatures lay, hidden in dark,
Where whispers are still heard, and I –
But pray for silence to succumb me whole.

I’m lost in search trying to find
A tiny hope, a single spark
Of light long lost, bright light that I –
Refuse to recognize, but play my role.

When sins return to me in kind
I worry not – fear of the dark
No longer matters when I die –
Death drains my body, not my soul.

Forgotten long ago my mind,
Thick heavy clouds maintain the dark.
Who any hope has left? – not I,
Echos fade in my mind – abandoned hall.

I Rest in God

In timelessness you rest while time goes by
Without its touch of death upon your love
You rest because you’ve found the answer why
You were so lost – never to find enough.

But now you come to only place of peace,
Today you reach for Truth of God inside.
During turmoil you enter state of bliss –
Imagined sin of this world leaves your sight.

Now close your eyes, be still and say:
“I rest in God” – this thought salvation brings.
At any moment through your busy day
You rest in God, forgiven are your sins.

“I rest in God” – keep this pure thought until
All troubles of your busy day dissolve.
There is no suffering it cannot heal,
There is no problem that it cannot solve,

And no appearance, but will turn to Truth,
Before the eyes of you, who rest in God –
The only thought that teaches you pure use
Of everything this tired world is not.

Anthropomorphic god

Anthropomorphic god
In my domain
Lives by my rules.

What came he here to do?
Why come to me
Amongst all fools?

Am I a prophet now,
To hear the voice
Unheard to all?

Or from my wits exiled –
Long lost my mind
During the fall.

I tried to understand
How to break free –
All was in vain!

Until I saw the light
Dim and obscure
Beyond the pain.

Thin, ghastly ghost of god
Has been exiled –
I’m all alone.

What’s left is lost to lies –
Myself defiled,
I turn to stone.


Still standing – moribund,
Pretending that I found
What lies beyond the death,
I draw my final breath.

A body strives to live,
My soul – but to forgive.
Beyond the veil declined
Whole world – but not my mind.

It still perceives the light
And keeps the same old fight.
The lessons still unlearned –
I’m hurled to earth – returned.

Again – I start anew!
It is as if I knew:
The figures in the dream
Are me – or only seem?

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