I lay beside you every day
And, isn’t it a shame, sometimes I may
Not recognize in you the Light of Love,
I try to see it, but I haven’t learned enough –
Not yet – Yes, I still forget.

And I still judge the things you do,
As If not knowing that,
I’m judging me – not you.
These are mistakes I make, when I forget.

And all the things we want so much to get?
Somehow we’ve managed to forget:
Forget to see beyond the dream,
Forget that there were never any sin,
Forget remembering to forgive,
To realize its our thoughts we give,
That shape the picture on the wall –
Illusionary wall we’re trying to crawl.

And every time we seem to hate?
We’ve managed to forget our state,
The way we truly are,
In which we’re One – not near, nor far.

Yes, it’s difficult not to forget,
But much more so when you need to get:
The things, the fame,
Emotions, but lack of shame,
The peace in you, along your Brother’s sin,
Heaven on Earth, in which not everyone is in.

Who’s made the rules how it’s supposed to be?
If it’s pure Love ‘tween you and me,
It really all it takes to bring us home,
With Love I testify – I’m not alone.
In it – we’re one, we’re joined again,
In Love we’re perfectly sustained.