Not unlike flying bumblebee, passing us by
The eons will pass by, and only buzz in our ears
Remains, reminds that even Sun one day will die
Abandoning our hopes, no longer drying our sad tears.

“What lives must die” – thus teaches us the world insane,
Amidst uncertainty, the prospect of our death seems true,
As it’s the only thing that waits to end our pain
We’ve learned being docile and calmly suffer through.

As we are coming into body, we begin
All this calamity – so rife – I ask, “What for?” –
To live illusionary life, undoing sin?
Something’s amiss – there must be more to it – much more!

“Deep sleep, so dark, fell thus upon his tired head” –
I read in Bible, as it starts, but then I do read on –
Some stories wise and ringing true, some very sad –
Yet never does it mention once that our sleep is gone!

In deepest slumber still, under the tree of sin
We thus remain, day after day, asleep and unaware
Of heaven we are in, of Love shining within
But choose instead to dream of dying Sun somewhere “out there”.

The Sun which sets at night, only to rise afresh –
Our Sun? – Indeed it is! For only we are dreaming still
Of it being good, caressing gently freezing flesh,
But also bad – burning in heat the remnants of our will

The Sun won’t die, for it was never born –
The holy hand of loving God, did not reach out
And manifest the world of suffering – so worn!
The world where nothing is within, all is without.