My dear brother, for time so long
We’ve been apart from one another,
We have stopped hearing Heaven’s song,
And we forgot about our Father.
We were so lost, I can’t imagine how,
We slipped away from ever present Now.

My dear friend, this dream we saw
Was but a tiny glimpse of hell,
Which can’t exist, for it is not God’s Law,
But an illusion of ego, which we did well:
To recognize as such, and come back in,
And found our perfect peace within.

My perfect love, we’re coming home
Our journey led us nowhere real.
It seemed so meaningless, but also long,
And only now we really feel:
It was a journey we have never done,
As we remained forever perfect, pure and one.

Yes, I’ve finally found my brother!
We stand as one, in peace and joy,
Our light is shining on each other,
We share our Love, as one enjoy:
The constant song of Heaven’s peace,
The song of thanks, God’s perfect bliss.