I am a spirit, Son of God,
Through teaching pure I’m here to learn
Each moment of this life I’m not
To find the grievances, for peace I yearn.
I’m pure and holy, only one,
To get back home I’ll do what needs being done.

Each moment of this life is equally unreal,
It could have never happened, so it’s not,
And yet, in terms of time some things’re important still,
They’re means reducing time ‘tween me and God.
It is with joy my task pursue,
Planning my steps, clearing my view.

Each time with joy I do my work,
With smile accepting lessons of forgiveness,
My duties in removing time I do not shirk,
I’ll always follow through, doing no less,
Than offering each moment to my peace,
And always loving what just is.

As pure spirit, I’m overcoming time,
Not wanting nothing else than Truth
I do continue loving the sublime,
I am convinced, I will not lose.
I am the winner, one with God,
I am consistent, pure and loved.