Sometimes I wonder, am I lost in life?
Am I afraid of finding what I am?
Am I protecting suffering and strife?
Yes – I am lost, afraid and so I damn:
The love you offer me so pure,
Advice which you intend to cure
I do reject through anger, hate and torment in my mind,
I’m deaf to Truth, I’m lost, unsure…

But you still smile, so gently, seeing not my hate,
And I’m still lost, accepting not your peace,
You smile with love, because you know my fate
And I am lost, I can’t remember what Love is…
Is it what world is telling me all life?
Then why does Love here mean but strife?
I am unsure of my path, and I need help,
Love I can’t find where hate is rife.

You take my hand, and suddenly I feel secure,
I’m still and finally I hear your voice,
Your words are clear, beautiful and pure
I could not hear before, could not make rightful choice,
But now it’s changed, I’m born anew,
My path before so wickedly was skewed,
I could not see, nor hear, nor love,
I did not know how blurry was my view.

I’m thankful – for this was not my life,
I’m happy, knowing peace is what I am,
I’m grateful, recognizing there’s no strife,
I’m one, in oneness there’s no “me” – I simply am.
My teacher joined in happiness with me,
We’re one, we welcome each of you to see,
The pain and suffering of this world are not real,
Open your eyes, forgive this world, allow your Self to be.