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Love holds no grievances


This life you live, and struggle with pretense,
About importance of all things around,
And as you walk this world, you’re always tense,
The happiness you seek is nowhere to be found.

As child you’ve learned: there’s hell where bodies burn,
So many things you do, or thoughts you keep
Get you in hell, so you await your turn,
Trembling with fear unconscious, yet so deep.

My friend, you are afraid of word itself,
You shrink inside and shivers run your spine,
You will refuse to look into the hell,
But where’s life and where’s hell – so thin a line.

Yes, all of us have been through hell,
But some still firmly cling to it,
Clinging to suffering, as if under a spell,
And suffering goes on ’till light’s been lit.

The Light of Love hell’s trying to obscure,
And yet, it wages war which’s never been,
Forgiveness of this world – your only cure,
The choice of Love by body can’t be seen.

The choice of hell you make today,
Your choice this very moment you have made,
My friend, all your defenses aside lay,
Forgive yourself, and choose again your fate.

The fear is hell and nothing else can be,
And only bodies are afraid,
For body’s truly blind, it cannot see,
It does not know – Love’s all ever been made.

And is it not belief you hold so dear,
That time will come when body dies?
And death is when you come to hell so near,
But what can die, still is same lies.

Hell is the change you go through every day,
Hell is uncertainty in life you face,
In Hell you misperceive what brothers say,
And your whole life is one hell of a chase.

Hell is your life, this world is hell,
Each day you go to prove the same:
Illusion you know so well,
The same mistake, this world of shame.

You’re never sane until the world is gone,
The world, which’s never been and cannot be,
Reflecting your belief that ego’s won,
This world still seeing – means you cannot see.

And when it seems life treats you well,
You’re still uneasy, still in hell,
Still judging everyone you see,
But heed – “When I judge them, I’m judging me”.

And so your life is only this:
A constant search for your own peace,
Which you still seek, but cannot find,
Illusion comes from your own mind:

This slight uneasiness of life,
Determination of strife,
Existence, heeding body’s needs,
Your conflict, on which ego feeds.

This “life” is anything but peace,
And yet you value it so much, it is
A mystery – you think there’s “good” and “bad”,
A conflict such as this but makes you mad.

In madness pure you’re trying to avoid the curse,
You strive so much, trying to prove your worth,
And all this striving is pure hell
This struggle keeps your peace outside so well.

True hell is when you’re all alone,
When you cannot remember what you are,
The constant fight to make the guilt be gone,
The fight that’s never took you far.

Each day, each moment of your life,
You are uneasy, not in peace,
You’re searching, fighting in a strife,
Trying to find what your life is.

No matter what you do, you’re still so lost
The worldly things, the thoughts,
Briefly intoxicate you at the most,
But never you can find the Love,

Which has been hidden off this world,
To trap you for eternal search,
This world is weary and so old,
It gently disappears through your touch:

The touch of Love, forgiveness, peace,
And finally you’re waking up,
You’re almost feeling Heaven’s bliss,
Just keep on loving, don’t give up.

Don’t think your brother’s body’s in the hell
Look closely, see beyond the dream
Just look for someone you have known so well –
Your savior, God, whom you before not seen.

“Hell’s other people” – if that’s what you believe,
Your hell in them will never disappear.
You are so close to finally forgive,
But then your thoughts appear:

“The hellish fiends come lurking in my depths,
As I proceed through anger, hate and death,
To dig outside all wicked from yourself,
And bury all the love myself.

How else could I see death inside your love,
But other than of mine getting rid of?
And now that I’ve committed mortal sin,
I die myself, I’m giving in”.

As you condemn yourself to death,
Do not assume hell ends with ending of your breath,
Do not assume, through letting not your body be,
You’re learning how to truly see.

You do not leave the hell through death, but Truth,
Which you don’t see, as long as you misuse
The teaching you are going through in life,
Which, clearly understood, ends all your strife.

It takes enormous effort, you will see,
Seeing this hate, not letting be
The good, the light, your brother, love.
Why is pure being not enough?

Why you insist on digging all this hate?
Why you condemn yourself to hellish fate?
Why can’t you let your brother be?
And through your love for him, you’ll finally see:

The bloody war you held against yourself,
The war of God and ego that raged on –
Dreams still the ego, killing off the Self.
Unless you side with it, illusions are gone.

And so, this war you dreamed can never be,
This is no war, but madness of a dream,
The ego may believe in setting itself free,
Destroying God, success of which you deemed.

These thoughts you cherish, hold so dear,
Just let them go, the Truth in them lies not.
It is your thoughts that bring about the fear:
When you’re afraid, you can’t remember God.



Sonnets of Love – 14


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  1. Nate Birr

    Amen. Just what I needed to hear right now. My gratitude.

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