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I am

I am the teacher, pupil I,
The one who never wants to die,
The one who’s split between two minds,
The one who searches – never finds.

I am the prison, breaking free
And yet the jailer – not quite me,
But only shadow in my heart,
Which keeps myself broken apart.

I am the Sun beyond the sky,
I am the Moon about to die,
The stars that shine are part of me –
At least till I have broken free.

I am the ocean, endless stream
Of drowning bodies in the dream,
Unconscious of the water still
I’m not quite me – I’ve lost my will.

Feather of Love

What needs be said but Love?
What do you need to know of me?
Time will be saved, if I say but enough:
I Love you as myself, I truly see,

A perfect spirit, united with our Self,
I see your Love shining so pure,
In you I see our God Himself,
In presence His we stand secure.

Our Love cannot be kept apart,
I’m you, we’ve always been together
We’re truly one, oneness is our true part,
Our existence – eternal, gentle feather.

Feather of Love suspended in the Now,
We are together, live as One,
And yet, something’s not right – or how
Would you seem from our oneness gone?

We have forgotten, don’t remember peace,
Our unison of Heaven’s Song is lost,
Remembering not what truly is,
Today we have to pay the cost.

 My Brother, could you believe it’s true?
A joke so meaningless and void,
Our laughter – all we have to do,
The pain, the anger, hate – we can avoid.

Laughing at nothingness – our only purpose here
Our gentle smile reflects the Truth,
Sin’s nonexistent, it’s not worth your tear,
When you but smile, you nothing have to lose.

 So let’s join hands and walk this path as One,
Gently forgiving conflict, which’s not there,
When we have managed that, our mission’s done,
We’re one, at peace, our Love is everywhere.

I will not let my Self be bothered

I will be what I Am –
I will not let my Self be bothered.
Will I be then condemned?
I will not let my Self be bothered.

Will someone hear my words?
I will not let my Self be bothered.
Will someone come with swords?
I will not let my Self be bothered.

What comes for me today?
I will not let my Self be bothered.
Can I be lead astray?
I will not let my Self be bothered.

Will I reach pure love?
I will not let my Self be bothered.
How much love is enough?
I will not let my Self be bothered.

Through being what I Am
Each day I’m bothered not
Through being simply Am
I am remembering one God.

Sonnets of Love: The Choice

My Brother, do not choose against your Self
The choice of body does condemn you.
You cannot have both flesh and spirit.
The time has come, the choice you’ll make yourself,
And only then can heaven start anew,
And life of love will now resume in it.

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