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Love holds no grievances

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These Eyes

Based on Workbook lesson 9:
I see nothing as it is now

The eyes you think can see the Truth –
These eyes perceive only misuse,
But you believe it is not so.
These eyes will show you only lies,
That bring about your own demise
By dragging you to hell below.
Yet what you are immortal stands,
Your pure Self the Truth demands –
The vision false you must let go.

Perception has been made to fool,
That everyone you see is cruel –
And so your love does never last.
Yet what you are can’t see the pain,
Your pure Self knows not of shame –
Sin’s seen in future or the past.
Right now what problems do you see?
What reasons not to let them be?
All things you hate – so long have passed.

There is a teaching you must learn,
That all of this where you do burn,
Burns only in your shadowed mind.
You will perceive your friends anew
And all conclusions that you drew
No longer can maintain you blind.
You will find Truth only right Now
And realize how you somehow
Tried in the past the Truth to find.

The Lessons of the Past

Based on ACIM Workbook lesson 7:
I see only the past.

Through lives of mine, through eons I have dreamed,
I’ve seen all seeming things of universe.
Time after time, life after life I’ve sinned,
And being lost, my lives were but a curse.

All lessons I have learned through many lives
Caused me to see this “life” in ways so new
Each one who in this world so strongly strives
Is destined to perceive this world anew.

It took much time to finally see the Truth
It took me eons, comprehending time
To understand time’s only use
And realize – there is no sin, no crime.

When I laid blinded eyes upon my friend
I did create him sinful, wicked too,
Through seeing not his Self, I did demand
Obnoxious things, so many, quite a few.

When I saw sin in him, I saw the past,
I judged him through all things I learned in life
The ego taught me how to “see”, to “trust”,
How to perceive each one pointing a knife.

Some time ago, it taught me what is sin,
It taught me things a brother should not do,
And then right now I’m bringing into dream
The hate and curse I had to suffer through.

Even when I remembered what is true –
That past and future never could exist –
I still condemned my brother, put him through
The sin of which I’ve learned living in mist.

When I lay eyes upon your own
It is my choice what I decide to see,
Between your love and sin imagined I am torn –
It is my choice what I allow to be.

If I decide to see in you my past,
The things I suffered through and can’t let go,
How can I help developing our trust,
When what you are to me is still unknown?

The past taught me illusions of this world
And mostly bad: hate, suffering and pain,
And even when love did seem to unfold
It always had condition of shame.

And so I look at you, with such past in my mind,
What can I see in you when I still judge you thus?
What can I hope in you to find
When I remember hatred, disgust, loss?

The choice of seeing sin is easily have made,
Yet only this condemns me to the pain.
Through seeing hate – I make it my own fate
Through seeing pain – I am condemned to shame.

Through seeing guilt – the hell in me unfolds,
Through judging you – I’m killing my pure Self.
Being blind to love, your sin I still behold,
Seeing sin in you – I cannot end this hell.


Based on ACIM workbook lesson 6:
I am upset because I see something that is not there

O, how much longer suffering will last?
Day after day I am in pain severe
And through the future, in the past
The pain is always with me, always near.

At times like these I am unable seeing straight
I am so wrecked, forgetting all I learn
And all I see in you is anger, hate,
And seeing thus in hell I burn.

But time does heal, and so I wait –
The ones who’re cursed with ego self
Need time to heal the burning hate,
Need time to end this endless hell.

And so I wait, and so I learn –
I look at you and try to find
What did I find in you to mourn?
How did I see in day the night?

I am upset because I saw the lies
I looked at you, but found still burning hate
Through seeing thus my pure Self but dies
Through misperceiving I’m determining my fate.

Through seeing pain I am myself in pain –
I find in you what is in me.
Through making up the lies, I’m lost again –
Not seeing light in you, I cannot truly see.

My friend, be wise, learn from you see in me:
At times I’m lost, do not be fooled by that.
When I am lost in hate, I pray the hate you do not see,
Do learn from all mistakes I’ve made.

When I’m in pain, do not perceive the pain
But please remind me of the Truth
I need to learn, I need to hear again
Of teaching pure, pure use.

Oh yes, I hear you say: “Now wait,
You’re teaching me when you are lost yourself
Trying to show me love, I see your hate
You dare speaking of pure Self?”

Alas, this is mistake so easily have made,
But truly, there’s no hate in me.
Looking at me and seeing anguished hate
You have just destined this pure hate to be.

You are the master of this dream,
You will decide how you perceive –
By seeing you will love create or sin
And then yourself will this receive

I know the Truth, but knowing’s not enough
I’m learning still remembering to see
Each day much better I can see your love
But you can learn much faster, watching me.

Do you still hope to find salvation by yourself?
Do you still think that you’re apart from me?
We’re always one, even in seeming hell –
Before it ends, we must learn each as one to see.

And each mistake I’ve ever made
You have repeated at some time.
Each time you see in me the hate
It but reflects your own unreal crime.

The Final Judgement

You are not entitled to judge, it is not a function you posses. When you judge, you misperceive. This leads to nothing but conflict, for you are once again listening to two opposing voices.

God is indeed entitled to judge, because His judgement is perfect. As long as you do not remember your part in God, you know nothing of perfection.

When you finally remember and return in God, there will, indeed, be final judgement:

Time pauses as eternity comes near, and  silence lies across the world that everyone may hear this Judgment of the Son of God:

Holy are you, eternal, free and whole,
At peace forever in the Heart of God.
Where is the world, and where is sorrow now?

(M-15. 1:10-12)

The Laws of Death

You look around and misperceive,
You walk this world and you believe,
That everything you see around
Reflects the laws of time,
To which you’re bound.

The time, a seeming master of your life,
It forces you to live forever in a strife,
To struggle, trying to survive –
Survival you’ve confused with life.

The Laws of Death are rulers in this dream:
It is by their word you die
And realize that life had only seemed –
The rulers of your dream will not conceal a lie,
To hide from you their essence – which you dreamed.

It is a world in which you only seem to live
And you are following these Laws of Death,
Because you’ve chosen to believe
That your life depends on body’s breath.

When You Condemn

When you condemn,
You misperceive.
It only seems you damn
The soul you look upon,
But condemnation nothing can achieve.

When you give curse,
You’re hurt inside.
You do not feel your worth,
It is the light in you
That you are trying to hide.

And when you hate –
You mostly hate yourself.
You see no longer straight,
For why would you be closing
In front of you the Heaven’s gate?

When you condemn,
You’re but asleep.
It looks like there’s you and them –
A foolish dream made possible
Because your slumber is so deep.

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