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Love holds no grievances

Tag: Darkness


How long will you in your despair
Pretend that Voice you cannot hear
Even when you are lost in prayer
Insisting answers are not clear?

How long will Love remain unanswered,
In your own ignorance obscured? –
While you pretend that you have answered
The call for Love which still endured

Even behind the veil of darkness
With which you’d cover all the Truth –
The Love’s not lost, you still can harness
Forgotten innocence of youth.

When seeing image in the mirror
Of wrinkled face, succumbed to time
The Truth is not becoming nearer –
Your body hides a Child sublime.

The Light

You see yourself as sinful, guilty and fearful. By this “seeing” you are creating yourself as such. Is it your will to be called these names, that you yourself came up with? Do you want suffering or peace?

How do you change this view of yourself? How do you start seeing yourself in true light? You cannot accomplish this through affirmations or intellectual reasoning. The only way you can see yourself as Light is to see all your Brothers as Light. Every tiny bit of darkness you find in another will be multiplied and reflected in you.

When you condemn your Brother into darkness, do you suppose that Light will be shown to you? Do you believe that Light is something a separated body can ever have?

The Light is all there is. It includes everything, as it is everything. It loves everyone, because everyone is standing in the Light. Realize that there is no darkness by not looking for darkness.

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