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A Man

A man walked silently in bliss
And did not judge, nor saw a sin,
But emanated subtle peace,
That he had shining from within.

Some saw him, cried: “A Son of God!”
But many said: “He’s evil pure!
For jewish laws he cares not,
Must die while he is still obscure!”

Indeed, he died, or so it seemed
For those who pray to rotten flesh;
For those who lost in dreams undreamed
He whispers gently truth afresh:

“Teach not that I have died in vain,
Teach rather that I live in you!
And thus eternally remain
One with my brothers in God’s view”.


“I look at me – I see but flesh –
Not rotting yet, but death is near…
When thoughts and dreams no longer clash
I see myself unsettling clear –

To death succumbed, I’m lost in dark
Yet realizing – I still live!
The body’s gone, but there’s a spark
Expressing one thought – to forgive.

A thought, which hardly had occurred
When I perceived with body’s eyes
Forgiveness seemed to be absurd
Replaced with hate through worldly lies.

When thoughts so dark ruled over me,
And light was seen in hues of blood,
I was determined to break free,
Tied by my thoughts – all was for naught.

Sick, sluttish thoughts – I’ve sold my soul!
Pimped my pure Self to hellish fiends –
Through my own sins they have control
The wicked rulers of my dreams!

A nightmare, living hell this is!
Why did I choose to dream such rot?
Why did I trade my precious peace,
Abandoning the only God?

The lessons harsh – I chose myself,
When I have fallen deep asleep
Into the world of seeming hell,
Into abyss of pain so deep”.

Time never stops until it does,
The wicked cycle still goes on –
A body rotting on the cross
Still prays for dreams to be undone.

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