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You’re blind, your body cannot see,
Each thought you think does not allow your Self to be,
Each moment of this “life” you look right through the Truth,
It is in you, but seeing not, this life you but misuse.

And yet I do not damn yourself to hate,
I see beyond this dying shell your holy fate,
I recognize, that just as me you want pure Love –
But all this world is offering – is not enough.

All dies, all perishes in time to which you pray,
You go through life, through suffering, having no say
In what will happen just one second after now,
Your chosen master wants your death, to him you bow.

The lessons you will learn, you choose yourself,
Will it be pain and death, damnation, sin and hell?
Or will you choose to love, forgiving nonexistent sins?
Your choice – to die, or to forgive. Right now your life anew begins.

Sonnets of Love: Forgiveness

No matter what you do or what you think,
No matter what life seems to put you through
Don’t ever let the guilt emerge – forgive.
Forgiveness is your savior on the brink
Of hate, your only hope on path so true,
Which brings you home where peacefully you live.

The Secrets

So many things in this life seem so strange,
And clearly, many things you do not know,
Forbidden secrets, designed to derange,
Telling you lies, the truth they never show.

The bargain you are having still with God,
To find the answers you believe you need,
In order to continue suffering not,
Your destiny you’re trying to meet.

And you believe that God but plays a game,
To lead you through a world of misery,
Condemning you to suffering and shame,
And so you suffer, suffer bitterly.

With such belief, God does seem cruel indeed,
To lead you through a journey with no end,
You suffer till his whims you fully meet,
And so in suffering your life you spend.

But it’s your ego that plays this cruel game,
This foolish stranger living deep inside,
If you allow, it’ll surely place a claim
On what you are, denying you true sight.

God has no secrets, His truth is pure indeed,
You do not need to prove yourself to Him,
You do not need to suffer, scream and bleed,
All secrets are your own – attempt to hide your sin.

What could be secret from God’s Will?
What could He hide from His own Son?
You’ve made these secrets when you’ve killed,
Your Self, unconscious what you’ve done.

Let not your fear of sin emerge,
Do not allow your ego be,
For it will gladly sing your dirge,
For you’ve made it in order not to see.

This secrecy opposes pure love,
Assuming there are wicked things to hide,
But all this hiding’s not enough,
Your Self through hiding you can’t find.

Open your eyes and let defenses go,
The truth’s inside, you have but learn to see,
True vision’s to your ego – final blow,
Letting it go, you will allow your Self to be.

Sonnets of Love – 23 (Uneasiness)

Uneasiness that follows you through life
And never leaves, but for a second,
Is just reminding you of Truth,
That all this world, in which you strive
Will torment you until you’ve reckoned –
Uneasiness cannot exist in Truth.

Sonnets of Love – 20 (Stupidity)

Enormous, isn’t it – our stupidity –
To push away our life, the peace,
Accepting terror, saying no to Love.
And we submit to our timidity,
Afraid of looking where Truth is…
And we will suffer, ’till we say “enough”!


This worthless life of yours, with all pretense,
With grandiosity you want them to respect,
Does not allow you being not so tense,
Any advice you’re offered, you reject,
Being unhappy, yet so blind, you think
You know the truth, when you are on the brink,

Of facing all your castles in the air
Break down, and taking with them seeming life,
And with it taking that for which you care.
You’ve always lived on the edge of the knife,
Nothing you’ve built, achieved can ever last,
You’re careless, yet this “life” ends very fast.

You walk this world with ignorance immense,
And being blind, it is the truth you do neglect,
So all you’ve done does not make any sense,
The meaning you are trying to project,
Will not remind you of the truth,
Each thing and every thought you but misuse.

And you continue being just a fool,
Believing in this “life” you have achieved a lot,
Being so blind you pray for ego’s rule,
Your specialness – it seems so highly sought,
That you forget of what you are,
This road leads you from truth so far.

Yet God smiles gently, bathing you in love,
That you have never sinned – He knows,
To Him, your willingness to see’s enough,
Your will for happiness so clearly shows –
Pure love is what you are, always will be,
He does not doubt, that soon you’ll clearly see.

The words I say come not from me,
And so we both can hear them deep inside,
Please recognize the truth and pray with me:
“My Friend, I want you always by my side,
With You I want in love to bathe,
Please help me strengthen up my faith,

Please help me see as through Your eyes,
I’ve been mistaken, but not anymore,
All life of mine, I’ve followed ego’s lies,
But not so now – that was so long before.
I’ve been a fool, knew not what I have done,
I have abandoned God, from Heaven I was gone”.

Sonnets of Love – 14

I walk this world, and search, but then I’m still
So lost, yet no more at a loss –
Outside of me Truth cannot be.
I’m strong, but that’s not how this body feels,
And so I’m searching for the cause –
Is it preventing me to see?

Sonnets of Love – 6

Hello, I say to you, as if we’ve never met,
You ask me what I want,
But words cannot reflect it fully.
My friend, you seemingly forget
Of what I am and what I’m not
Just look inside, the Truth lies there truly.

Sonnets of Love – 0

How did you come upon this book?
What is it, that have brought you here?
Is it the Truth you’re looking for?
To see – you only have but look
And realize – it’s always near,
Right now, not after, nor before.

Misplaced Faith

How can it be you’re so alone?
How can the memory of Love
Appear to be gone?

How can we see what’s true?
How can we truly know,
And in our faith – how can we follow through?

You’re searching something you can never find,
For you’ve misplaced your search,
Not ever looking in your mind.

Your faith lies in the darkness, not in light,
Illusions obscuring it
Through anger, judgement, hate and fight.

You’re trusting master who keeps you in this hell,
For you’ve misplaced your faith –
Your chosen teacher never meant you well.

Impossible Communication

You cannot communicate with another if you speak in different languages. You are aware of that, and yet you speak two different languages in your mind and you wonder why you are lost.

The Voice of God is ever present inside of you, because you are included in everything God has to say.

The little voice of ego is an illusion in which you placed your own belief. This voice speaks only against God, therefore speaking always against the Truth. The Truth does not include ego and so its biggest fear is your remembering of the Truth.

All conflict in your life is resolved instantly when you realize that a compromise in God is not possible – you must listen to His Voice, and His alone.

It is impossible to communicate in alien tongues. You and your Creator can communicate through creation, because that, and only that is Your joint Will. A divided mind cannot communicate, because it speaks for different things to the same mind. This loses the ability to communicate simply because confused communication does not mean anything. A message cannot be communicated unless it makes sense. How sensible can your messages be, when you ask for what you do not want? Yet as long as you are afraid of your will, that is precisely what you are asking for. (T-9.I.6)

The Problem

You look for answers everywhere,
Perceiving problems are “out there”,
You try to solve them with your might,
But nothing can be solved through fight.

How should I live?
What should I do?
When should I forgive?
Whom should I answer to?

How arrogant it is for you
To really think you ever knew
The real question you must ask
To finally complete your task.

You dreamed of problems in your mind,
And so it is the only place
Where answers you will find.

Now you can cease your search “out there”
And see indeed – the Truth is everywhere.

Unchanged and Pure

A Brother stands in front of me,
In light, in perfect holiness I see
Him standing still, secure –
Unchanged and pure.

My love extending towards him,
God’s Love, not ego’s fleeting whim,
Of one thing I am sure –
It is unchanged and pure.

The lies you hear
So intricately ringing in your ear,
They’re difficult, they change,
For they’re designed to derange.

The Truth is simple, it’s your cure,
The Truth you’re destined to reclaim –
Forever same,
Unchanged and pure.

You need but Look

All the unhappiness, the fear, pain and suffering would disappear if you would simply look at its source. The ego gives you many images, for it is truly afraid of you looking directly at it.

No one can escape from illusions unless he looks at them, for not looking is the way they are protected. (T-11.V.1:1)

You need but look,
And realize,
That path you took
Led you astray.
Somehow the promises that ego gave away,
The lies it told – seemed real.

For tiny instant you became confused and fell asleep.
You saw the dream of suffering and pain,
Your slumber seemed so deep.
And is it not a shame?
You came so far
Not realizing who You truly are.

And yet, you need but look around
And realize – the happiness is nowhere to be found.
You’ve looked for it outside for years,
Was it worth it to shed all these tears?
And still remain – unhappy, unfulfilled,
So lonely in this illusion that you’ve built…

But don’t despair, just look again,
This time inside – it won’t be in vain.

Three Stages of Forgiveness

Conditional Forgiveness

At this stage there is no forgiveness at all – there is only judgement. You constantly judge your Brothers and then you “forgive” them – given they follow your conditions.

We could also call this “ego forgiveness”. The ego feels powerful if it can look down on a Brother and “forgive” him, with understanding that he will soon sin again, be condemned, and guilt will force him to return for more.

Forgetful Forgiveness

You realize that temporal forgiveness is not real – and when conditions are given, you can be sure enough they will be broken. So you try to truly let go of judging your Brother, but you forget.

This is a period of increasing conflict, because you do not want to follow ego’s path no more, but you still do. You turn between two opposites, and don’t accept just yet that one of them is not real.

This is an important stage and you will persevere. You’ll make mistakes, but every time you’ll choose again. And very soon the ego won’t be something you’ll ever look upon again.

True Forgiveness

True Forgiveness is, simply, lack of judgement. You cannot condemn a Brother and then truly forgive him. You grant True Forgiveness to each one through overlooking ego. You’ll see nothing but Light of God and there will be nothing you could judge.

You realized that rather than trying to be “right”, following the path of the ego, you’d rather have peace.


Resistance is just another name for our ego. What could we possibly resist but the Voice of Truth? And do not try to resist the ego –  if you do, you’ll simply make it stronger, for something that has no real appeal to you could not be resisted. By acknowledging that it is worth resisting, you acknowledge that it is worth something. Instead, you simply look upon it and realize that it is not so.

And yet, even resistance can be used to light up our way home. The ego will gladly let you look upon anything but the Truth. It is aware, that when you hear the Voice for God again, its end will come.

Know this: the extent to which you resist something is a clear sign of how much effort ego is willing to spend hiding the Truth behind this resistance. In this way resistance can become a guide – like a beacon of light, calling you home. The ego made you afraid of this light and so you turn your head.

The ego’s teaching is just opposite of God’s. So when you turn away from where ego does not want you to look, you turn away from clear path that leads you home.

Spirituality, science and politics

Throughout the human history, spiritual seekers have often found the answers unknown to the scientific community. They would teach wisdom rejected by science. Science would catch up sometimes hundreds or even thousands years later.

Politics is generally blind to any wisdom whatsoever. However, politics will generally reject even scientifically proven knowledge, until a disaster happens that forces them to adapt a new worldview.

Spirituality seeks to know the truth.

Science seeks to prove the truth.

Politics seeks to manipulate the truth, not even knowing what the truth is.

Organized religion is, first of all, politics.

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