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Love holds no grievances

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Spirit’s Deprivation

Will is slowly deprecating
Strength leaves body, life unravels –
How much time I’m estimating
Left for my own pointless travels?

I don’t know, future’s unclear.
Waiting in my own despair
For the shadows to appear
My whole self succumbed to prayer.

Why I pray? – myself unsure.
What I ask is long forgotten –
All my words seem immature,
All my hopes by my words trodden.

What’s the use has all the hoping
For the knowledge of salvation? –
I cannot continue coping
With my spirit’s deprivation.

Salvation’s Hand

My mind still holds the deeds of my own life,
The thoughts that I have thought through years
And keeps the feeling, ever slight, of my own strife,
And keeps remembering of my sadness tears.
While being lost, I cried, cried bitterly,
And crying thus, increased my misery.

My mind was raw, untrained and rough,
It kept controlling me, yet I had no control
Of thoughts it thought, which me engulfed,
And deeds it forced upon my soul.
While being meek, mindless I was,
For I was meek only for ego’s cause.

And it went on, for years and years,
My life continued flowing ‘tween the shores
Of ego’s cause, that caused my tears and fears,
But also other Voice, that had a subtle course
Of reaching to my soul and healing all the pain,
And sharing pure love, which I could not explain.

The first time I did hear the Voice of Light
It too did cause slight fear, being opposite of “life”,
(At least I called it “life”), yet its own Might
Did calm me down, put peace in place of strife
And made me question everything I knew,
For long I felt the questions long time due.

My life took course unknown before, and then
The other voice, the little voice of pain and guilt,
Became much louder, reaching from its den
Tried to submit my soul, seducing me with gilt.
Yet all the raucous shrieks that it had made,
Could no longer my Self persuade.

For something’s changed, I’ve changed myself,
My life, the way I now perceive has changed,
The gentle Voice of Love took me away from hell –
How gladly did I hell for Love exchanged!
The peace I feel does grow on me, and I become,
The essence of the peace from where the Voice did come.

The life goes on, the body still contains,
My essence, wanting to break free. I know –
Some lesson still unlearned for me remains,
Yet my life now so peacefully does flow,
For I have heard the Truth, have learned to Love,
Nothing this world does offer is enough!

Time’s passed, the words mean less, I’d rather pray,
In silence of my holy, one healed mind
The path I follow does no longer sway,
Now nothing in this world for me remains to find.
Since I have felt salvation’s hand,
My love knows much, but not an end.

Overcoming Time

I am a spirit, Son of God,
Through teaching pure I’m here to learn
Each moment of this life I’m not
To find the grievances, for peace I yearn.
I’m pure and holy, only one,
To get back home I’ll do what needs being done.

Each moment of this life is equally unreal,
It could have never happened, so it’s not,
And yet, in terms of time some things’re important still,
They’re means reducing time ‘tween me and God.
It is with joy my task pursue,
Planning my steps, clearing my view.

Each time with joy I do my work,
With smile accepting lessons of forgiveness,
My duties in removing time I do not shirk,
I’ll always follow through, doing no less,
Than offering each moment to my peace,
And always loving what just is.

As pure spirit, I’m overcoming time,
Not wanting nothing else than Truth
I do continue loving the sublime,
I am convinced, I will not lose.
I am the winner, one with God,
I am consistent, pure and loved.

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