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Love holds no grievances

Tag: Seek But Do Not Find


“I work, and working hard – I gain,
I have a vision to maintain,
I have a dream of happy life
Yet live a life of endless strife!

Reaching my dream takes greatest skill –
Today I am unhappy still!
Tomorrow must go as I plan
For me to be a happy man.

I worked, and working hard, it’s strange
How dream of happy life does change!
The more I gain, the more I need,
Working my constant wants to feed!”

He worked, he died, unhappy still…
Searching outside, he could not feel
That happiness is all he is –
Beyond the wants shines perfect peace.

I am

I am the teacher, pupil I,
The one who never wants to die,
The one who’s split between two minds,
The one who searches – never finds.

I am the prison, breaking free
And yet the jailer – not quite me,
But only shadow in my heart,
Which keeps myself broken apart.

I am the Sun beyond the sky,
I am the Moon about to die,
The stars that shine are part of me –
At least till I have broken free.

I am the ocean, endless stream
Of drowning bodies in the dream,
Unconscious of the water still
I’m not quite me – I’ve lost my will.

Too Far Gone

Something has to change,
Something has to give –
Is this world deranged
So hard to forgive?

Am I all alone? –
When I’m lost in thoughts,
Am I too far gone
From my own pure source?

I don’t know – too late!
Searching for an end,
I don’t contemplate,
Nor do I pretend

That all ends with death –
Has it any use?
Ending of my breath
Does not lead to Truth.

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