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Love holds no grievances

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Listen attentively, discern
The feeling of the ancient voice,
Which calls you gently to return
And make another, loving choice.

A memory now dim, and yet
It’s not forgotten – no, not quite.
A feeling which at times you get
Gently persisting in your mind.

Listen, please heed the soundless song!
Amidst the turmoil of your life
Sometimes you feel you don’t belong
In place of never ending strife.

What says the song when it is heard?
The meaning different for each
With silent, gentle, holy word
It does remind, but never preach.

The Light

The light
Which shines in me
With holy might –
I let it be,
And recognize –
The light is me.

The peace
Such holy thought
Which we dismiss
When we are caught
In ego’s mind –
What has it brought? –

The pain.
Abandoned soul
Seems to be stained
With only goal –
Its holy role.

And you will see
How what you give
Allows your peace to be
And shine inside,
Cleansing your sight.

The light
Is but your own,
Is God’s own might
In which you’re known.
Awake from sin –
Look deep within!

The Journey of this World

The world, the thoughts creating it,
The pain and anger that arise,
Waiting for light to be relit,
You still believe in your demise.
And yet the power you possess,
The pure Self to be remembered
From all the things which you’ve surrendered
To you’ll return, when you confess:
The sins you know are nonexistent,
And the mistakes you’ve seemed to make.
The thoughts of sin might be persistent,
And yet you’re never at the stake.
You will remember What you are
And you will see the light’s not far,
You will return where you belong –
The journey this will not take long.

Sonnets of Love – 19 (Truth)

Remember what you are, open your eyes!
Be tempted not, your sin’s not real
Now choose again, undoing sin –
No need to follow what you know is lies,
The Truth – your body does not feel,
The Truth is in your mind, within.

Sonnets of Love – 2

So sad – the happiness you seek
To you has always been so close
You could, but take it with your hand,
If you’d remember – you’re not weak,
Remember please, there’s no fate worse:
Being unhappy, of happiness pretend.

Remembering to Live

We’re lost in our erratic thoughts
And seeing them as real,
We truly feel,
As if the pain and suffering
We go through each and every day,
At any point may
Show us where happiness is
And how to find our perfect peace…

The memory of God
To the disturbed mind –
Comes not.
The one who tries to find
The Truth in any thing,
Love alongside hate,
If pleasure is in separation seen
This one’s determined to dream.

Remembering to live –
We’ve managed to forget
How to forgive
And see,
That it’s not what we get,
But what we give.
How we forgive is showing clearly
Our desire for war or peace,
And what do we hold dearly –
The ego’s hate or God’s perfect bliss.

This Moment

Right now, this moment’s everything!
And all I have – it is within.
And all I love – is this alone,
But this is all that’s ever known.

This moment – beautiful and pure!
In it alone I stand secure,
I’m still, I’m not afraid,
In it, I’m healed,
I know not hate.

And yet – I still forget…
Sometimes, I still believe
There’s something that I need to get,
To always smile and never grieve.

When I forget, I’m really lost –
The life appears to bear heavy cost.
I find my hate in everything I see,
When I, myself, choose not to be.

So I will not make same mistake
And put this moment at the stake.
For here alone lies Love so pure,
That finally offers me the cure!

Ego wants me

Ego wants me to be afraid,
It wants me to feel the hate –
To make so real the dream,
And make eternal Light in me to dim.

Ego wants me to forget,
Distracts me with things it wants me to get –
And it suggests – so cunningly and sweet,
Where outside of God my happiness I’ll meet.

But I refuse to look and make it real,
For I am Love, I am in God.
It thinks the Truth is kept concealed,
But for illusions I care not.

It will not listen, nor understand
The Truth I see from where I stand.

Ego wants me to put the blame,
And then it makes me feel the shame.
It needs the conflict to exist –
To hold me always in its mist.

And it won’t listen, nor respect,
The Truth which I stand to protect.

Yes, ego wants so much,
But most of all, it is afraid –
For it is, but a crutch,
I seemingly have made.

Body and pain

The body cannot exist without the pain. You can think of pain as something cruel, evil and unfair. You might think of it as your friend – a sign that something’s wrong with your body and you must protect it. But what you can’t deny is there’s hardly any better proof that body’s real.

You can study, meditate, pray, think of enlightenment, but when you cut your finger it bleeds and hurts. How can you overcome the world when it can pull your strings so easily?

For the ego the purpose of pain is to make your body real. It needs to convince you, for it’s afraid – without your belief, the dream of ego will be gone.

But you are not your ego. And you are not your body. So how can pain help you find the Truth?

When looking at the pain with God, you’ll recognize, it’s but a sign that you believe in laws of unhappiness. You’ll remember the time when you seemed to have made the mistaken choice. If you but open your eyes, the pain will help you to wake up. You might not want it, but you created it yourself – and you support it every moment with only your belief.

When you remember how and why this seeming pain has come to be, you will know that it is not anymore. Yes, the body cannot exist without the pain. But what is pain if body cannot be at all?

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