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Love holds no grievances

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I Rest in God

In timelessness you rest while time goes by
Without its touch of death upon your love
You rest because you’ve found the answer why
You were so lost – never to find enough.

But now you come to only place of peace,
Today you reach for Truth of God inside.
During turmoil you enter state of bliss –
Imagined sin of this world leaves your sight.

Now close your eyes, be still and say:
“I rest in God” – this thought salvation brings.
At any moment through your busy day
You rest in God, forgiven are your sins.

“I rest in God” – keep this pure thought until
All troubles of your busy day dissolve.
There is no suffering it cannot heal,
There is no problem that it cannot solve,

And no appearance, but will turn to Truth,
Before the eyes of you, who rest in God –
The only thought that teaches you pure use
Of everything this tired world is not.

Two Friends

Two friends – both beautiful and pure,
Each looking for the answers to their pain.
Each one is lost in dreams, unsure,
Each one is trying to learn –
But also their old views maintain.

One asks: “I’m so unhappy, lost in lies,
God please provide me with new life,
New wife, a better health – my body dies!
God please allow me not to strife!”

Another prays: “God, could you change
Corrupted sinners walking in the night –
The politicians – wicked and deranged,
These fools is what’s denying me Your light!”

Two friends – each lives in God, provided for,
But lost in dreams, both think they know what’s good,
Asking for less of that, of this – for more –
How tragically they are misunderstood!

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