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We ask so much, as if we truly knew the right questions to ask.

A specific question shows your assumption that you know where salvation lies. But with this specificity you simply limit what can be answered to you. You put the boundaries around what it is possible for you to hear.

Do not try to present an imagined problem in front of God for Him to solve. Instead, ask what is the true problem you are having. Ask what is it that He wants you to ask. To a correct question the answer will be supplied.

Idols of Salvation

Where do you look for salvation? Whom are you trying to appoint as your savior?

You look for it in any thing or any body. And yet, no matter how hard you try, these idols of salvation always fail.

You believe that you know what’s everything’s purpose is for and so you assign the purpose of salvation to many things. After being wrong so many times before, do you not want to reconsider your assumptions of purpose? This is the knowledge you simply do not posses.

The things where you look for happiness were not created with purpose of happiness in mind. On the contrary, they were created with purpose of hiding the happiness from you and leading you away from salvation. The ego made these things and bodies as witnesses for its case of an illusion. Would it then appoint them to witness against its only goal?


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