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Love holds no grievances

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Corrupted Prophet

Abandoned love, exiled from life,
And all that good – he pushed away.
Corrupted prophet takes the knife,
Walks amongst crowds in light of day.

He smiles, a spark is barely seen
In narrow eyes – they look away.
He roams alone in search of sin,
Slits sinners’ throats in light of day.

Smelling the blood, he went insane,
Sin seen in all on killing spree.
They pray for mercy – all in vain,
He is to tell who’s not to be.

Abandoned mind, the wits exiled,
Insane devotion leads astray.
An image of himself defiled
Reflect his eyes in light of day.


The thoughts, the deeds we bury still
In our consciousness they lay in wait,
The things we do and then we feel,
As if they too deserve our hate.

And who are “they”, but us forgotten now,
We look at them not hiding our disgust,
And yet we never really know just how
The things we do and our thoughts’re unjust.

Each hour, minute, second still
We walk alone, so separate and sad,
We bear this cross, and suffering until
We realize extent to which we’re mad.

This madness us pursues all days,
There’s not a moment, second when we’re sane,
But why there is a feeling inside stays,
Which tells us clearly – there is no need for pain?

Why do I feel our purpose is not this?
It seems… sometimes in life we dream of things,
It seems… between this hate sometimes shines peace,
Sometimes we’re lost in life – or in our dreams?

And yet, how do we tell a dream from truth?
The world taught us that only bodies’re real,
That we’ve to put these bodies to good use,
And never truly listen how we feel.

But just as me, I know you’ve heard
This feeling throbbing deep inside,
The feeling we’ve so long deferred,
The feeling shadowed by our pride.

It cries and prays for us to hear
To see the truth that we forgot,
With time, the feeling grows and comes so near,
The feeling which still does remember God.

And then our love grows stronger still,
And we embrace the feeling pure,
We’ve struggled, suffered, fought until
At last we’ve found our only cure.

Laws of Unhappiness

You have created the laws of unhappiness. You never meant it, it is just a result of a tiny, senseless mistake. But then you chose to follow your laws and suffer.

After this, can you truly believe that you know what’s good? You have created the laws of suffering and death, and it is only your own choice to obey them. And you don’t even remember how this come to be, otherwise you would have undone your laws at once.

So first of all, choose to remember. Look upon your error and realize it does not exist. The laws of suffering will vanish, and pain, and hate, and death will be no more.


Do you truly believe that any problem can be created outside of yourself? You’ve got into habit of blaming everything and everyone for what you judge as bad or wrong. You have been looking for your happiness outside as long as you can remember – have you ever found it?

Only insane mind will keep on repeating the same process, that failed him so many times. Of course, anyone blind to the truth is insane, but it only seems that we don’t see. Son of God is like himself, and God is not insane. Only ego made you accept that you’re insane. And it makes you look for happiness where nothing exists – outside of yourself.

Blaming your Brother, you are saying “You are responsible for my happiness and you do not let me be happy”. Blaming the circumstances, you are saying “If this or that would not have happened, I would have been happy, free, in peace”. The ego goes as far as making us blame our Creator – complete impossibility, which makes sense only to the insane. But then, do not forget, that ego is insane, it makes no senseEach grievance you hold is simply you looking for salvation outside.

So when for eons you have been searching for the answer, and looking only outside and never finding it, why not look elsewhere? When every time you blame a Brother, you are unhappier still, why not try Love instead towards him?

The ego never rests, for it’s afraid. And listening to its little voice of guilt and blame, you will become as restless, not content and always searching.

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