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Love holds no grievances

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Sonnets of Love: Born Anew

From all the things you did or thoughts you thought,
I heard pure love, no errors and no hate,
And hearing that, the Love returned to you.
And all the things you seemingly have wrought,
Could never change what is your holy fate –
Returning home, as if being born anew.

Sonnets of Love – 2

So sad – the happiness you seek
To you has always been so close
You could, but take it with your hand,
If you’d remember – you’re not weak,
Remember please, there’s no fate worse:
Being unhappy, of happiness pretend.

The Choice

The choice you make – to love or hate,
Your choice – forgiving brother,
Or still condemning him, choosing his fate,
The choice – living apart from one another,
Or being one with God – in God,
Being pure, unchanged and awed.

You choose your fate each second of each day,
And often being blind of ones you’ve made,
You choose to hate, unconscious how it may
Cause all the love inside of you to fade.
Each moment and each day you choose
To win against your ego – or to lose.

The choice – how beautiful it is,
That we are blessed to have a choice,
Our fate is in our hands, and so is peace,
As we decide to hear ego’s, or God’s voice –
We choose to suffer, judge and hate,
Or peaceful Love – which is our final fate.

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