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Love holds no grievances

Tag: Desperation

Too Far Gone

Something has to change,
Something has to give –
Is this world deranged
So hard to forgive?

Am I all alone? –
When I’m lost in thoughts,
Am I too far gone
From my own pure source?

I don’t know – too late!
Searching for an end,
I don’t contemplate,
Nor do I pretend

That all ends with death –
Has it any use?
Ending of my breath
Does not lead to Truth.

Spirit’s Deprivation

Will is slowly deprecating
Strength leaves body, life unravels –
How much time I’m estimating
Left for my own pointless travels?

I don’t know, future’s unclear.
Waiting in my own despair
For the shadows to appear
My whole self succumbed to prayer.

Why I pray? – myself unsure.
What I ask is long forgotten –
All my words seem immature,
All my hopes by my words trodden.

What’s the use has all the hoping
For the knowledge of salvation? –
I cannot continue coping
With my spirit’s deprivation.

Dreams Unclear

I awaken – dreams unclear…
All the warmth had dissipated –
Warmth of times when you were near,
When your voice had resonated

Words of love I was forgetting –
Could they still bear any meaning?
Words so slowly emanating…
So conspicuously deceiving.

Freezing feeling of me sweating
While rememb’ring dreams unclear
Only proves that I’m forgetting –
You are there, nowhere near.

You are there – In dreams unclear…
Shadows slowly grow obscure,
Drenching body in such fear,
Leaving my heart insecure.

You’re asleep, but nowhere near –
In the distance of tomorrow
I succumb to my own sorrow
Losing you to dreams unclear.

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