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Love holds no grievances

Tag: Defenselessness


Your body or your soul –
The choice that you have made
Defending against all
Which threatens wretched state,

Which questions very thought
That something is not right.
“Defense” – what had it brought?
Why did you start the fight?

Die, rot to very bone!
See how you will defend
The body against stone,
And while you try to mend

Illusions obscene,
And sin you can’t atone,
Rots swiftly everything
That you have ever known!

No matter – you don’t rest,
Peace is unknown to you –
Since leaving mother’s breast
And starting life anew

All seem but to attack,
And God along with them –
Defense is sign of lack,
Defenseless don’t condemn.

I Wonder

I wonder – do we understand
Each other, hear the heart
Which beats with rhythm – pure art,
Or do we just pretend:
That we are hearing truly,
Compassionately, fully,
Each other, words we speak,
The understanding that we seek.

I wonder still – the Love I feel –
Do you hear beating in your chest
Defenseless, being so possessed
That every moment does reveal
The peace of quiet feeling –
Such quietness appealing –
Which makes you stop and heed
And to the love concede.

I wonder – words I speak,
The words of love I share –
Are we as one aware
Of meaning, of mystique,
That love so pure proposes,
The secrets it discloses –
Do we see both as one
How our love begun?

I wonder not – I feel,
The love in you is known,
And mine is but your own,
Our love is one – so real!
The beauty of composure
Under pure love’s exposure,
Is what we have achieved –
Love can’t be misperceived!

Breathe Deep

Breathe deep – inhale,
The thoughts will wait – succumbed
Into eternity – so frail,
Your very essence is – unbound.

Breathe deep – with eyes
Wide shut – no need to look.
Breathe deep – anxiety dies,
You need but breath on path you took.

Breathe brave – the grave
Will wait – you’re here now,
So breathe! – and crave
This breath, like it’s the last – allow –

The breath to be, the mind to cease
To speak, to think – the eyes –
To cease to see – but breathe!
Allow the peaceful breath – to rise.

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