Resistance is just another name for our ego. What could we possibly resist but the Voice of Truth? And do not try to resist the ego –  if you do, you’ll simply make it stronger, for something that has no real appeal to you could not be resisted. By acknowledging that it is worth resisting, you acknowledge that it is worth something. Instead, you simply look upon it and realize that it is not so.

And yet, even resistance can be used to light up our way home. The ego will gladly let you look upon anything but the Truth. It is aware, that when you hear the Voice for God again, its end will come.

Know this: the extent to which you resist something is a clear sign of how much effort ego is willing to spend hiding the Truth behind this resistance. In this way resistance can become a guide – like a beacon of light, calling you home. The ego made you afraid of this light and so you turn your head.

The ego’s teaching is just opposite of God’s. So when you turn away from where ego does not want you to look, you turn away from clear path that leads you home.