The world, the thoughts creating it,
The pain and anger that arise,
Waiting for light to be relit,
You still believe in your demise.
And yet the power you possess –
The pure Self to be remembered –
From all the things which you’ve surrendered
To you’ll return, when you confess:
The sins you know are nonexistent,
And the mistakes you’ve seemed to make.
The thoughts of sin might be persistent,
And yet you’re never at the stake.
You will remember What you are
And you will see the light’s not far,
You will return where you belong –
The journey this will not take long.

What you so value here so much
Will set the path on which you’re on.
Through constant pain, or gentle touch –
Yourself decide what will be drawn.
Do not have fear in your firm step –
Your path will twist, sometimes it ravels,
There will be hurdles on your travels,
Sometimes you’ll fall for hidden trap,
Yet you will certainly persist! –
Undoing sin that you’ve imagined,
Even when path lies in the midst
Of sins and lies of your own legend.
Through your persistence you are saved
And all the things for which you’ve craved
Will never tempt you anymore
New World appears, unseen before.