Based on Workbook lesson 9:
I see nothing as it is now

The eyes you think can see the Truth –
These eyes perceive only misuse,
But you believe it is not so.
These eyes will show you only lies,
That bring about your own demise
By dragging you to hell below.
Yet what you are immortal stands,
Your pure Self the Truth demands –
The vision false you must let go.

Perception has been made to fool,
That everyone you see is cruel –
And so your love does never last.
Yet what you are can’t see the pain,
Your pure Self knows not of shame –
Sin’s seen in future or the past.
Right now what problems do you see?
What reasons not to let them be?
All things you hate – so long have passed.

There is a teaching you must learn,
That all of this where you do burn,
Burns only in your shadowed mind.
You will perceive your friends anew
And all conclusions that you drew
No longer can maintain you blind.
You will find Truth only right Now
And realize how you somehow
Tried in the past the Truth to find.