Based on Workbook Introduction

Today you’re starting on the path of Truth,
The very fact you’re reading now these words
Means you are ready for the proper use
Of everything you’re seeing in this world.

I may not know particulars you’ve had
On your path in illusionary life,
Yet I am certain that it cannot be said
That your life went in peace, without a strife.

Each one of us who’s trapped still in this world
Has seen the suffering, the pain, the hate,
Has been through conflicts, hell untold,
But hasn’t realized how this world has been made.

You do not know as yet how strong you are
To see that something here is amiss,
To realize that our life, existence, is so far
From Heaven true, from God’s pure peace.

Yet still your mind remains so weak –
Never in truth, but in illusion of this world –
It does prevent achieving what you seek,
Your task is worthy, yet difficult and bold.

There are two teachers you can choose between:
All things are lessons God would have you learn,
But there’s another teacher, vicious, yet unseen,
Between True God and ego you are torn.

Be careful not becoming slave to form,
Each word’s but road sign, pointing to the Truth.
The ego wants you being always torn
Between your path and ego’s sly misuse.

The purpose of this path is training you to see,
But ‘fore the Truth there’re barriers untold.
All life of yours you did not let It be,
Your ego blinded you, the Truth not to behold.

No matter where you are along the path
While trusting ego, Truth you cannot see,
Your first goal then – undoing ego’s wrath
And only then you will allow the Truth to be.

When ego’s gone, you can perceive anew,
The pain this world has shown you, will be gone.
The benefits of Truth you will accrue
When finally your ego is undone.

All worldy things try teaching you that here
The ego is the only master of this world,
That God’s been killed, that real is the fear.
Time after time the lies you have been taught.

But now, through following true path to God
You’re learning everything anew
Any exceptions will have brought
The failure on the path you’re going through.

Some things have stronger hold of you –
These things are obstacles the most,
Not all are ready now, only a few
To reach the Truth, no matter what’s the cost.

But you are here now, could it be a mistake?
Your path did give you strength, has brought you far,
Your strength’s already helped you choice to make,
You have already learned just What you Are.
(Unrecognized for now, yet recognition can’t be far)