Based on ACIM Workbook lesson 7:
I see only the past.

Through lives of mine, through eons I have dreamed,
I’ve seen all seeming things of universe.
Time after time, life after life I’ve sinned,
And being lost, my lives were but a curse.

All lessons I have learned through many lives
Caused me to see this “life” in ways so new
Each one who in this world so strongly strives
Is destined to perceive this world anew.

It took much time to finally see the Truth
It took me eons, comprehending time
To understand time’s only use
And realize – there is no sin, no crime.

When I laid blinded eyes upon my friend
I did create him sinful, wicked too,
Through seeing not his Self, I did demand
Obnoxious things, so many, quite a few.

When I saw sin in him, I saw the past,
I judged him through all things I learned in life
The ego taught me how to “see”, to “trust”,
How to perceive each one pointing a knife.

Some time ago, it taught me what is sin,
It taught me things a brother should not do,
And then right now I’m bringing into dream
The hate and curse I had to suffer through.

Even when I remembered what is true –
That past and future never could exist –
I still condemned my brother, put him through
The sin of which I’ve learned living in mist.

When I lay eyes upon your own
It is my choice what I decide to see,
Between your love and sin imagined I am torn –
It is my choice what I allow to be.

If I decide to see in you my past,
The things I suffered through and can’t let go,
How can I help developing our trust,
When what you are to me is still unknown?

The past taught me illusions of this world
And mostly bad: hate, suffering and pain,
And even when love did seem to unfold
It always had condition of shame.

And so I look at you, with such past in my mind,
What can I see in you when I still judge you thus?
What can I hope in you to find
When I remember hatred, disgust, loss?

The choice of seeing sin is easily have made,
Yet only this condemns me to the pain.
Through seeing hate – I make it my own fate
Through seeing pain – I am condemned to shame.

Through seeing guilt – the hell in me unfolds,
Through judging you – I’m killing my pure Self.
Being blind to love, your sin I still behold,
Seeing sin in you – I cannot end this hell.