Based on workbook lesson 3:
I do not understand anything

The meaning you’ve assigned to every thing
Is but a tool of hate in ego’s eyes
It uses reason, and through it lies without a wink
And traps you in the dream through its own lies.

Each thing in this world is the same
As any other, or your body too
Each thing’s designed to hide the shame
And hide the means which can the sin undo.

You “see” with body’s eyes, and seeing thus you think
That all the things you see are true and real,
And you believe that meaning of these things does bring
The happiness you’ve lost, but strive to feel.

Do you think not, that it is but insane
To judge as real what dies with passing time?
Do you remember happiness you feigned?
Each moment of your life, each feeling, crime,

That you experienced through your fleeting life
Seem real, while being only in your mind,
Yet you refuse to stop this pointless strife,
In time still happiness trying to find.

Your eyes have not been made to truly see,
Your brain is not designed to think,
Your eyes were made to not let Truth to be,
And all your thoughts’re forgotten in a blink.

Forgive your pointless judgments of this world,
Refuse to take what ego lets you choose,
Forget the sins that ego to you taught,
And then you will accept the real Truth.