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Love holds no grievances

Tag: Madness


There is a madman in the wild
Walking closer to my house
With his steps all is defiled.

I prepare, as time allows
For the madman coming in
I can feel the fear within.

Madman roams outside my door
In suspension of the fear
I can’t take it anymore,

As the madman comes so near,
Gazing through the window frame,
Watching with his eyes insane,

Silence covers the unknown –
I can feel the madman breathe,
Breath much heavier than my own.

And the fear crawls underneath
My own flesh and my own skin,
As if burning for my sin,

I submit to fear and pain
Giving in and giving up
I’m defeated through my shame –

Madman got me in his trap
Once I’m caught, there’s no way out
It remains but scream and shout:

“Stranger leave myself alone!
Just get out and leave me be,
I can’t live life on your loan…”

All is dark, I cannot see
Yet the curtains still reveal
Madman’s shadow that I feel.

Even in the depths of hell
I’m not stranger to my Self,
Yet a stranger is inside.

From my thoughts I cannot hide,
Racing mind I can’t control
As it plays the madman’s role.

Much is said, much less is done –
Madman roams just as before,
I’m afraid that I’ve become

But a madman at my core.
Wretched stranger to my Self,
I’ve succumbed to madman’s hell.


The thoughts, the deeds we bury still
In our consciousness they lay in wait,
The things we do and then we feel,
As if they too deserve our hate.

And who are “they”, but us forgotten now,
We look at them not hiding our disgust,
And yet we never really know just how
The things we do and our thoughts’re unjust.

Each hour, minute, second still
We walk alone, so separate and sad,
We bear this cross, and suffering until
We realize extent to which we’re mad.

This madness us pursues all days,
There’s not a moment, second when we’re sane,
But why there is a feeling inside stays,
Which tells us clearly – there is no need for pain?

Why do I feel our purpose is not this?
It seems… sometimes in life we dream of things,
It seems… between this hate sometimes shines peace,
Sometimes we’re lost in life – or in our dreams?

And yet, how do we tell a dream from truth?
The world taught us that only bodies’re real,
That we’ve to put these bodies to good use,
And never truly listen how we feel.

But just as me, I know you’ve heard
This feeling throbbing deep inside,
The feeling we’ve so long deferred,
The feeling shadowed by our pride.

It cries and prays for us to hear
To see the truth that we forgot,
With time, the feeling grows and comes so near,
The feeling which still does remember God.

And then our love grows stronger still,
And we embrace the feeling pure,
We’ve struggled, suffered, fought until
At last we’ve found our only cure.

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