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Love holds no grievances

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Listen attentively, discern
The feeling of the ancient voice,
Which calls you gently to return
And make another, loving choice.

A memory now dim, and yet
It’s not forgotten – no, not quite.
A feeling which at times you get
Gently persisting in your mind.

Listen, please heed the soundless song!
Amidst the turmoil of your life
Sometimes you feel you don’t belong
In place of never ending strife.

What says the song when it is heard?
The meaning different for each
With silent, gentle, holy word
It does remind, but never preach.

The War Is Gone

I come back home and put my sword aside,
Put down my shield covered with stains of war,
And let my weary head rest from the fight
At last enjoying calm of peaceful shore.

It seemed the war had raged for many years:
So many brothers fell but not for naught,
So many mothers shed their sorry tears
Now mixed ‘tween grief and joy in their distraught.

But now the war is gone, pain is no more –
The suffering and death we have been caused
And needless pain I have caused to my foe
Have brought me here where in my thoughts I’m lost

I look back and rejoice, for past is but a dream,
The future is unseen when I am here,
Surrendering my thoughts which only seem
And finally becoming free of fear.

The judgments, thoughts and fears that led to war
It’s time I lay aside, leave far behind –
In peaceful grace I don’t need anymore
The heavy baggage of my restless mind.

Beyond the good and bad is where I’m from –
Now I forget the reasons why I fought,
Forget the war, forget this world and come
With wholly empty hands unto my God.

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