Based on ACIM Workbook lesson 10:
My thoughts do not mean anything

I walked alone and passed you by,
In passing thus I thought of you,
I made a judgment, saw a lie,
That I allowed to pass me through.
I judged you as if seeing truth –
Yet seeing truly I’ve learned not,
And being still in my thoughts caught
I cannot judge – only misuse.
How could I see the pure in you,
While trying finding but a few
Sins I have hidden in my mind,
Sins I’m afraid myself to find?

Another day, and I forgot
All that I saw with blinded eyes,
The thoughts in which I have been caught,
The hate I’ve used as my disguise.
When I’m alone, I judge myself
The thoughts of hate that breed in me
Demand that I must set them free
And I submit – to my own hell.
No one condemns me to this hate,
I am myself choosing this fate,
The thoughts of mine lead to disgust,
Their meaning bears so high a cost.

These thoughts exist in my own head
And all the world I see outside –
All of the past, and what’s ahead –
Is a reflection, meant to hide
The fear of truth, the dread of peace –
In such mad ways I’ve learned to see!
No longer happy just to be,
My thoughts are my own thought police!
It took much time to realize
How what I think brings my demise –
And how my judgement is my bane
That I with my own thoughts maintain.