Based on ACIM Workbook lesson 8:
My mind is preoccupied with past thoughts

What we believe does live in us,
Our beliefs define our life:
Do we still follow lord of loss,
Do we still live our life in strife?

Or did we found our way through hell
And found the Lord of pure Love –
And who we are is where we dwell:
In pain or peace; below, above?

And sad it is how we do pray
To past and all the pain it taught.
And all the things in hate we say
To us this suffering have brought.

And sad – how we’re preoccupied
With thoughts of lust, revolt, disgust,
With deeds of hate, regret, divide –
So sad how we forgot to trust.

The past is where ego dwells,
The past is our idol still,
The past creates in us such hell,
Burring the remnants of our will.

And being sly, the ego lies
That past can teach us even love –
The love which lives, then always dies
Such “love” which never is enough.

O, how much still you do complain,
That learning’s hard, and vision’s dim!
And how it’s hard becoming sane,
Resisting ego’s wicked whim!

And yet, you’ve learned so much in life:
You’ve learned to judge like no one else,
You’ve learned through hate to live in strife,
And hell itself where body dwells.

You’ve learned so much what matters not,
So much of what makes ego strong,
So much of what condemns One God –
In your eyes always being wrong.

Yet all’s not lost, you’re here now,
And this’s the only time there is.
Through being still you feel somehow
Inside of you the rising peace

Damns ego past, to future prays,
It cannot grasp the present Truth
Illusions only get its praise
“Right now” to it has little use.

When you let go of ego’s shrieks
Be present Now, which’s all there is,
Forgive the hate while ego creeps
And concentrate on your own peace,

You will find out the Truth of life
You will allow yourself to learn.
From Teacher pure, one learns not strife –
Whom you will follow’s what you earn.