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The World Outside

Based on ACIM Workbook lesson 11:
My meaningless thoughts are showing me a meaningless world

Outside of me – what is it there I value so?
Pointless remain the things and “meaning” that they hold,
For it is me, who lets the meaning of the world
In me unfold, and hide what I forgot I know.

Outside of me – the pain, the suffering, the hate
That world beliefs, enforces with much joy
Being itself but meaningless decoy
The world believes it knows its fate.

Outside of me, there is so much, so many things,
So many thoughts, so many deeds of guilt,
The deeds of hate and lust this world has built.
What is outside is where I hide my sins.

Outside’s not me. I cannot be perceived outside
I’m seeking for an answer – “What am I?
Am I this body, destined soon to die?
Or am I love, that I can feel inside?”

Inside of me lies perfect truth, yet I don’t see
Or am afraid to look so bluntly at the lies
That world endorses so, yet also hides –
The lies of world maintain that I’m not free.

And so I live, and so I walk – or even crawl
At times when I’m unsure of this path,
At times when I’m so lost in worldly fuss –
Thus world of pain does hold me its own thrall.

But day will come, when I wake up, and finally feel
The pain and suffering of world I so perceived
And all the pain through hate myself received,
Could not be happening in truth, could not be real.

When this day comes – a day so bright and pure
A day when world will lose its own allure
And will maintain no things that still me lure
That day will bring my final, only cure.

My Thoughts

Based on ACIM Workbook lesson 10:
My thoughts do not mean anything

I walked alone and passed you by,
In passing thus I thought of you,
I made a judgment, saw a lie,
That I allowed to pass me through.
I judged you as if seeing truth –
Yet seeing truly I’ve learned not,
And being still in my thoughts caught
I cannot judge – only misuse.
How could I see the pure in you,
While trying finding but a few
Sins I have hidden in my mind,
Sins I’m afraid myself to find?

Another day, and I forgot
All that I saw with blinded eyes,
The thoughts in which I have been caught,
The hate I’ve used as my disguise.
When I’m alone, I judge myself
The thoughts of hate that breed in me
Demand that I must set them free
And I submit – to my own hell.
No one condemns me to this hate,
I am myself choosing this fate,
The thoughts of mine lead to disgust,
Their meaning bears so high a cost.

These thoughts exist in my own head
And all the world I see outside –
All of the past, and what’s ahead –
Is a reflection, meant to hide
The fear of truth, the dread of peace –
In such mad ways I’ve learned to see!
No longer happy just to be,
My thoughts are my own thought police!
It took much time to realize
How what I think brings my demise –
And how my judgement is my bane
That I with my own thoughts maintain.

These Eyes

Based on Workbook lesson 9:
I see nothing as it is now

The eyes you think can see the Truth –
These eyes perceive only misuse,
But you believe it is not so.
These eyes will show you only lies,
That bring about your own demise
By dragging you to hell below.
Yet what you are immortal stands,
Your pure Self the Truth demands –
The vision false you must let go.

Perception has been made to fool,
That everyone you see is cruel –
And so your love does never last.
Yet what you are can’t see the pain,
Your pure Self knows not of shame –
Sin’s seen in future or the past.
Right now what problems do you see?
What reasons not to let them be?
All things you hate – so long have passed.

There is a teaching you must learn,
That all of this where you do burn,
Burns only in your shadowed mind.
You will perceive your friends anew
And all conclusions that you drew
No longer can maintain you blind.
You will find Truth only right Now
And realize how you somehow
Tried in the past the Truth to find.


Based on ACIM Workbook lesson 8:
My mind is preoccupied with past thoughts

What we believe does live in us,
Our beliefs define our life:
Do we still follow lord of loss,
Do we still live our life in strife?

Or did we found our way through hell
And found the Lord of pure Love –
And who we are is where we dwell:
In pain or peace; below, above?

And sad it is how we do pray
To past and all the pain it taught.
And all the things in hate we say
To us this suffering have brought.

And sad – how we’re preoccupied
With thoughts of lust, revolt, disgust,
With deeds of hate, regret, divide –
So sad how we forgot to trust.

The past is where ego dwells,
The past is our idol still,
The past creates in us such hell,
Burring the remnants of our will.

And being sly, the ego lies
That past can teach us even love –
The love which lives, then always dies
Such “love” which never is enough.

O, how much still you do complain,
That learning’s hard, and vision’s dim!
And how it’s hard becoming sane,
Resisting ego’s wicked whim!

And yet, you’ve learned so much in life:
You’ve learned to judge like no one else,
You’ve learned through hate to live in strife,
And hell itself where body dwells.

You’ve learned so much what matters not,
So much of what makes ego strong,
So much of what condemns One God –
In your eyes always being wrong.

Yet all’s not lost, you’re here now,
And this’s the only time there is.
Through being still you feel somehow
Inside of you the rising peace

Damns ego past, to future prays,
It cannot grasp the present Truth
Illusions only get its praise
“Right now” to it has little use.

When you let go of ego’s shrieks
Be present Now, which’s all there is,
Forgive the hate while ego creeps
And concentrate on your own peace,

You will find out the Truth of life
You will allow yourself to learn.
From Teacher pure, one learns not strife –
Whom you will follow’s what you earn.

The Lessons of the Past

Based on ACIM Workbook lesson 7:
I see only the past.

Through lives of mine, through eons I have dreamed,
I’ve seen all seeming things of universe.
Time after time, life after life I’ve sinned,
And being lost, my lives were but a curse.

All lessons I have learned through many lives
Caused me to see this “life” in ways so new
Each one who in this world so strongly strives
Is destined to perceive this world anew.

It took much time to finally see the Truth
It took me eons, comprehending time
To understand time’s only use
And realize – there is no sin, no crime.

When I laid blinded eyes upon my friend
I did create him sinful, wicked too,
Through seeing not his Self, I did demand
Obnoxious things, so many, quite a few.

When I saw sin in him, I saw the past,
I judged him through all things I learned in life
The ego taught me how to “see”, to “trust”,
How to perceive each one pointing a knife.

Some time ago, it taught me what is sin,
It taught me things a brother should not do,
And then right now I’m bringing into dream
The hate and curse I had to suffer through.

Even when I remembered what is true –
That past and future never could exist –
I still condemned my brother, put him through
The sin of which I’ve learned living in mist.

When I lay eyes upon your own
It is my choice what I decide to see,
Between your love and sin imagined I am torn –
It is my choice what I allow to be.

If I decide to see in you my past,
The things I suffered through and can’t let go,
How can I help developing our trust,
When what you are to me is still unknown?

The past taught me illusions of this world
And mostly bad: hate, suffering and pain,
And even when love did seem to unfold
It always had condition of shame.

And so I look at you, with such past in my mind,
What can I see in you when I still judge you thus?
What can I hope in you to find
When I remember hatred, disgust, loss?

The choice of seeing sin is easily have made,
Yet only this condemns me to the pain.
Through seeing hate – I make it my own fate
Through seeing pain – I am condemned to shame.

Through seeing guilt – the hell in me unfolds,
Through judging you – I’m killing my pure Self.
Being blind to love, your sin I still behold,
Seeing sin in you – I cannot end this hell.


Based on ACIM workbook lesson 6:
I am upset because I see something that is not there

O, how much longer suffering will last?
Day after day I am in pain severe
And through the future, in the past
The pain is always with me, always near.

At times like these I am unable seeing straight
I am so wrecked, forgetting all I learn
And all I see in you is anger, hate,
And seeing thus in hell I burn.

But time does heal, and so I wait –
The ones who’re cursed with ego self
Need time to heal the burning hate,
Need time to end this endless hell.

And so I wait, and so I learn –
I look at you and try to find
What did I find in you to mourn?
How did I see in day the night?

I am upset because I saw the lies
I looked at you, but found still burning hate
Through seeing thus my pure Self but dies
Through misperceiving I’m determining my fate.

Through seeing pain I am myself in pain –
I find in you what is in me.
Through making up the lies, I’m lost again –
Not seeing light in you, I cannot truly see.

My friend, be wise, learn from you see in me:
At times I’m lost, do not be fooled by that.
When I am lost in hate, I pray the hate you do not see,
Do learn from all mistakes I’ve made.

When I’m in pain, do not perceive the pain
But please remind me of the Truth
I need to learn, I need to hear again
Of teaching pure, pure use.

Oh yes, I hear you say: “Now wait,
You’re teaching me when you are lost yourself
Trying to show me love, I see your hate
You dare speaking of pure Self?”

Alas, this is mistake so easily have made,
But truly, there’s no hate in me.
Looking at me and seeing anguished hate
You have just destined this pure hate to be.

You are the master of this dream,
You will decide how you perceive –
By seeing you will love create or sin
And then yourself will this receive

I know the Truth, but knowing’s not enough
I’m learning still remembering to see
Each day much better I can see your love
But you can learn much faster, watching me.

Do you still hope to find salvation by yourself?
Do you still think that you’re apart from me?
We’re always one, even in seeming hell –
Before it ends, we must learn each as one to see.

And each mistake I’ve ever made
You have repeated at some time.
Each time you see in me the hate
It but reflects your own unreal crime.


Based on ACIM workbook lesson 5:
I am never upset for the reason I think

So many things of this world bring you down,
So many things cause you to frown –
Each one is different to you.
You think you know why you’re upset,
You think there is a difference how things affect,
The life you dream of going through.

The choice to be upset is but your own,
The laws of suffering you’ve carved in stone,
And then decided to forget
How world of suffering’s been made,
How you yourself created hate,
How your own thoughts make you upset.

And your own thoughts, so cherished whims,
Through which the pure Voice but ever dims,
Inside of your own tired mind –
Does all this really worth the strife,
That you are going through in life,
Unable happiness to find?

All your upsets and all your struggles here
Arise from only your own fear –
The fear of trading body for the Truth.
You think upsets are caused by unfair world,
But your own thoughts bring pain untold –
Yet seeing thus you still refuse.

The little voice

Based on workbook lesson 4:
These thoughts do not mean anything

As I indeed did think these thoughts,
As they consumed my very self,
As I cried loudly to the gods:
Why so am I condemned to hell?

What chanced upon my wretched soul
That I heard voice of gods impure?
How did it come that I’m not whole
And gods I hear are too obscure?

The thoughts that chanced upon my mind,
So very murky like the waters dead,
With these same thoughts I tried to find
Who does control my wretched head?

For through these thoughts I am controlled,
I did submit to voice of hell,
And through its saying hell unfolds
Never did I feel pain so well.

It shreds my mind, the voice in my own head,
It burns my soul through lies I hear thus.
The words so clear: “Ay, ‘tis that,
Listen to me, I dare you these words to cross!

I dare you not listen to my voice,
Which’s telling you the only truth.
In fear do submit to my own curse
From all the gods it’s me you have to choose.

Who else can show you way in life,
You wretched, puny little thing?
Who else can end your wicked strife?
But only me, who truth does bring”.

Indeed I listened, and believed –
The things were said that trapped me so.
Through many lies in my life I have lived,
But never I was taken down so low.

For years I listened to the ego thus.
Unknown back then it was to me,
How I the most important battle lost,
Condemning me the sin to see.

I did not know from where it came,
I did not see the voice as hell,
But listened to the curse upon my name –
My very soul almost did sell.

These very thoughts developed so
Through many lives, year after year,
I did not live – existed in a woe,
Unable to control this endless fear.

Yet pure God never condemns,
He never does forget His Son,
But waits for him to come to sense,
And learn how nonexistent sin’s undone.

My thoughts of hate brought me the pain,
Time after time I met the death,
And never knowing that my bane
Controlled my thinking, every breath.

Through suffering untold I learned of fear
And could not listen to the ego anymore.
Day after day the Truth was coming nearer,
I came so close to ego’s wicked lore,

That finally I realized
What did cause all the suffering in life –
Nothing tormented me, but ego’s lies,
Nothing condemned me else to strife.

True God I started hearing then,
As soon as ego went away.
I heard the Pure Voice exactly when
I realized the ego’s ways.

I understood that all those thoughts,
That ego taught me all the time,
Did not have any meaning, but did cause
All suffering I had all through my prime.

All through my life in hell believed,
Yet what is hell, but ego’s wicked voice?
In clouds and mud and mist I lived,
Until I finally have made the choice.

The choice each one, each brother needs to make
In order to undo all suffering and sin.
The choice that finally my Self did wake,
That finally allowed my true life to begin.

The Foolish Meaning

Based on workbook lesson 3:
I do not understand anything

The meaning you’ve assigned to every thing
Is but a tool of hate in ego’s eyes
It uses reason, and through it lies without a wink
And traps you in the dream through its own lies.

Each thing in this world is the same
As any other, or your body too
Each thing’s designed to hide the shame
And hide the means which can the sin undo.

You “see” with body’s eyes, and seeing thus you think
That all the things you see are true and real,
And you believe that meaning of these things does bring
The happiness you’ve lost, but strive to feel.

Do you think not, that it is but insane
To judge as real what dies with passing time?
Do you remember happiness you feigned?
Each moment of your life, each feeling, crime,

That you experienced through your fleeting life
Seem real, while being only in your mind,
Yet you refuse to stop this pointless strife,
In time still happiness trying to find.

Your eyes have not been made to truly see,
Your brain is not designed to think,
Your eyes were made to not let Truth to be,
And all your thoughts’re forgotten in a blink.

Forgive your pointless judgments of this world,
Refuse to take what ego lets you choose,
Forget the sins that ego to you taught,
And then you will accept the real Truth.

The Hunt

Based on Workbook Lesson 2:
I have given this all the meaning

The crowd:
“We’ve finally found it, wicked beast,
That we’ve been hunting for since birth.
It’s time for hate to be released
And end our eternal dearth –

Of peace, of worldly goods and things
That we are striving for, and yet
The beast creates all our sins
And feasts on sins we can’t forget,

Nor can forgive – they’re great indeed!
Created by the Satan’s lore,
Whom with our sins we nurse and feed –
But this can’t go on anymore!

The suffering is greater much,
Than fleeting high we feel at times –
It’s giving us our only crutch,
But then condemning us of crimes!

It dies now – we are on our own
And all the pleasures of this world
Then will be left for us alone
And our new life will unfold”.

The beast:
“Each sin in humans I perceive

I’ve made myself – all go to hell!
They will my suffering receive,
All are condemned in pain to dwell!

I am creator of the sin,
I am the one who’s made the hate,
So let the suffering begin –
All tools of torture I have made!

The way I still perceive myself,
As wretched demon, spawn of hell,
The way I plan to kill their Self…
But, wait – I think I hear the bell! –

They’re finally coming after me,
Trying to hunt the evil pure –
Such fools! – incapable to see:
The force, the fight my strength ensure!

For eons, I have ruled the world
My own creation, where I’m god!
Desires, thoughts and sins unfold
In every sinner – all are flawed!

How do they hope to kill what rules?
No one can live when I am dead!
Their lives are worthless – wicked fools,
How will they fight, when me they dread?

I cannot look but with disgust
At my own subjects insecure,
Sin is my own – they pay the cost
Damned all who’re caught in my allure!

They’re fools, but death I must delay –
There’s more control I’m striving for,
A tempting plan for them I’ll lay
Confusing them with my own lore.

As crowd has made its way up to the tower
Their rage and hatred grew, much more increased,
With hope approached, to bring about the hour,
To bring about demise of their own beast,

Of their creation, spawn of hell which feeds
On anger, rising in the crowd with force –
But fight of fire with fire nowhere leads –
Crowd’s hatred, pain and beast have the same source.

The crowd:
“Bring on the ram, break down the doors!
Let torches light up the whole tower!
Where wicked beast our pain prolongs,
Laying its plans for our devour!

Let’s force it out with smoke of rage,
With hatred bringing it to knees,
And lock it, bar it into cage
Where it can’t spread its own disease.

But look! – The beast leaves its own spire!
Ends here our quest of death so dire –
For long we grew such grave desire
Of our revenge – set beast on fire!”.

“No, we should wait, and let it speak –
Before it dies, let’s hear its words,
In fear it seems so lost and meek –
For now let’s lay aside our swords”.

The beast:
“My subjects, look, open your eyes!

The meaning of your lives is me!
Without me you are doomed, world dies!
Open your eyes – I’ll make you see!

This life seems difficult at times,
But the rewards you get from me!
And even when committing crimes,
Being merciful, I let you be.

The world you cherish is my own,
And yet I share it with you all
For who did put me on the throne,
After you’ve suffered your own fall?

I am protection from God’s wrath!
I am the mirror of your sins!
I am your ego, and our path
Holds us together, ‘ever clings”.

Thus ego spoke, and spoke at length,
While being vile, it’s just as sly,
Depends on blinded eyes its wicked strength,
But anger brings such blindness to one’s eye.

The hatred, guilt, shame, lust, desire,
The struggle, anxious search for one’s own peace,
Can’t lead to peace, but strengthen fire
With fuel of one’s own mental disease.

And so the tale of wicked sin goes on,
And all this meaning we’ve assigned ourselves
To worldly things we’re given on a loan –
Such meaning which corrupts us, overwhelms.

As long as we are willing to exchange
Our very Self and our own peaceful Truth
For ego’s wicked lies, made to derange,
The ego will continue its abuse.

Stumbling on my Path

Based on Workbook lesson 1:
“Nothing I see here means anything”

Alone I have been stumbling on my path –
Through sin and errors I have always made,
A tale of wicked sin a man learns thus –
Through trusting in wrong hands his holy fate.
Where have I been, in places so revolving,
That I have lost my pure will resolving?

And tales of wicked sin indeed I saw
Through putting all my trust in wicked deeds,
Through trusting my own life in ego’s lore
I suffered thus, my heart with pain still bleeds.
And through all things I see, I am condemned,
With lies of world so vile I’m overwhelmed.

Each body or a thing through hate I find
Is seen in blinded eyes as pure salvation’s hand,
The meaning I assign is in my mind
And through investing my whole Self in it, I’m damned.
What meaning did I put in all these things?
Invested into lies, I see the dreams.

Forgiving each and every sin is only path!
Before I can return where I belong,
I must undo the meaning I’ve assigned, and thus
The journey of this world will not take long.
The judgment of all things my eyes did see
Must be undone, before I let my Self to be.

The Path of Truth

Based on Workbook Introduction

Today you’re starting on the path of Truth,
The very fact you’re reading now these words
Means you are ready for the proper use
Of everything you’re seeing in this world.

I may not know particulars you’ve had
On your path in illusionary life,
Yet I am certain that it cannot be said
That your life went in peace, without a strife.

Each one of us who’s trapped still in this world
Has seen the suffering, the pain, the hate,
Has been through conflicts, hell untold,
But hasn’t realized how this world has been made.

You do not know as yet how strong you are
To see that something here is amiss,
To realize that our life, existence, is so far
From Heaven true, from God’s pure peace.

Yet still your mind remains so weak –
Never in truth, but in illusion of this world –
It does prevent achieving what you seek,
Your task is worthy, yet difficult and bold.

There are two teachers you can choose between:
All things are lessons God would have you learn,
But there’s another teacher, vicious, yet unseen,
Between True God and ego you are torn.

Be careful not becoming slave to form,
Each word’s but road sign, pointing to the Truth.
The ego wants you being always torn
Between your path and ego’s sly misuse.

The purpose of this path is training you to see,
But ‘fore the Truth there’re barriers untold.
All life of yours you did not let It be,
Your ego blinded you, the Truth not to behold.

No matter where you are along the path
While trusting ego, Truth you cannot see,
Your first goal then – undoing ego’s wrath
And only then you will allow the Truth to be.

When ego’s gone, you can perceive anew,
The pain this world has shown you, will be gone.
The benefits of Truth you will accrue
When finally your ego is undone.

All worldy things try teaching you that here
The ego is the only master of this world,
That God’s been killed, that real is the fear.
Time after time the lies you have been taught.

But now, through following true path to God
You’re learning everything anew
Any exceptions will have brought
The failure on the path you’re going through.

Some things have stronger hold of you –
These things are obstacles the most,
Not all are ready now, only a few
To reach the Truth, no matter what’s the cost.

But you are here now, could it be a mistake?
Your path did give you strength, has brought you far,
Your strength’s already helped you choice to make,
You have already learned just What you Are.
(Unrecognized for now, yet recognition can’t be far)

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