Spiritual Advance

Love holds no grievances

Month: January 2019

Feminine Grace

Her pure feminine grace
Under the gentle bluish light
Reflects the sadness on her face
Seen clear as day – in day and night.

And in her innocent bright eyes
Still flickers shadow of a hope –
Eternal hope which never dies
Even as life seems hard to cope.

Light shadow cast from cloudy skies
Denies the remnants of all doubt –
That as she smiles, she also cries
With tears that nourish gentle sprout.

Her gentle feminine grace
Blesses with life creation pure
And sprout of love leaves hopeful trace
That from all ills there is a cure.

Only God

I have been bitter – God forgive my bitterness of late.
I have been lonely – loneliness upon my soul a shade.
I have been tired – but alas, no rest I can perceive –
Yet I am blessed – I thank You for blessing I receive.

I will be mindful – mindfulness will teach Eternal Law,
The beauty of the Light will shine as I walk to and fro:
Towards the Light and from the dark – if only I perceive
Your Guidance in the dead of night – a blessing I receive.

I have been sour – all my life had seemingly collapsed
As I was weary from the fact that time now had elapsed,
And tarry I no longer can – I’m grateful for this fact,
For moving on my path I must – the path that You elect.

No longer bitter – understood mistakes that I have made,
No longer lonely – You have come and swept away the shade.
Yet tired still – even as I walk on the holy road,
And all the blessing I have asked, You gave me – only God.

Were I Not Fool

Were I not fool, I’d heed her words and listen to her love.
I’d judge her not, and argue not, and in the dark of night
I would be close, holding her hand, even when times were tough,
And darkness would have us embraced, and saved us from our plight.

Were I not fool, seeing the signs how fragile was her grace
I would be still, calm, peaceful, strong, and falter I would not,
I would have changed my thoughts, my fears, could still have seen her face
And in the dark of weary night, her love I would have sought.

 Were I not fool, I would have known that patience runs its course —
For days, for years it gently waits, before it runs away.
I could have seen how with each day fell petals of a rose
That was our love, yet tended not, it would not wait and stay.

Yet I’m a fool, and always was, and still remain the same,
The many things I cared for, the whims I still protect,
The fears that scared away our love, and brought about the shame
Now might be gone — but so is she — what else could I expect?

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